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ospreypics ~ incoming shattered! ~
Surreal edit to a surreal edit
For @tiltedvision

For @_iratezilla @theo_holmes who've supported and encouraged me in editing and creating edits.
been pondering how to create an edit for #tiltedvisiontheme4 here's my attempt

Original edit: see 2 posts before this one.
Two images from @pixitesource's industry by Samuel Zeller @ku.to

  •   ospreypics @eppytaff weirder? well Kevin, I was attempting to create a shattered effect 😬 24min
  •   ospreypics Thank you Chad! @chadoshadow 23min
  •   eppytaff Don't worry Wendy, it wasn't a criticism! Weirder means you're obviously closer to your target surely? 🏼 21min
  •   ospreypics @eppytaff all good Kevin I know. Nope, no target. just exploring different stuff. Hahaha you've seen how random my posts are. 15min
  •   eppytaff Well I suppose you're right lol ️ Exploration is how I've got to do the things I'm doing now I can't recall if you have iPhone or iPad but mextures is worth looking at - or else try the #ffa's that are scattered around Instagram 11min
  •   ospreypics @eppytaff yes I use mextures participate in mextures collective edits and FFAs too. This time round, am exploring matterapps, this is one of the first few edits with matterapps 1min
  •   baskinginthemoonlight Lovely! Looks like so many layers 18s
  •   eppytaff I thought it may be ️ I have that and many others. All great fun! 2s

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