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kamtime79 In the park after school, 11-02-16.

Kam has worked hard to achieve his half term school goal: - To write his full name. I thought it would be a difficult path to tread & that I would need "creativity" to persuade him to work towards it.
However, that competitive nature & enthusiasm for school, (on the whole), has seen him try really hard without giving up. Yes, I've had to coax him a couple of times, but largely he has done it using his own initiative. Also, he has written odd words himself, which shows he is thinking; connecting sounding, writing & reading.
I know there are many children who are super writers before they go to school & others whose education system allows them the grace to learn to read & write when they more developed as young people.
At one point I thought Kam would be a super writer & knew he would not have the luxury of learning later. He had wonderful pen control and dexterity as a very little one & people would comment on it. (It was something he wanted to do.) All of a sudden though is stopped & he did not pick up a pen to colour, draw or write, just feisty scribble. - He would paint seeing Ishan from Taare Zameen Pare as his role model - he's never watched the full film only appropriate songs for his age.

I had concern that he'd reject or be unwilling to write & read, that it would be something forced upon him rather than be embraced for its wonder.

But, he has achieved his goal to write his name in full. Now, he proudly writes it because he wants to rather than because it's his goal.
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