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7h ayusin_
Normal IGustiAyuSintiyaWidayanti
ayusin_ i was tagged by :@zeldafan_gamer37 @dwtdip @rere.camila @diamitaripuspa @melianava23 @salmaaaura
20 Facts about me:
1.I Gusti Ayu Sintiya Widayanti
2. 14 sept 97
3. from Bali, Indonesia
4. labile girl
5. Love BANG YONGGUK of B.A.P, love Blue and love draw so much
6. Tiap hari ketawa nangis senyum susah seneng ya sama mereka @diamitaripuspa @amazingondee @dwtdip @kha_yana 4 orang gila yg tiap hari manggil aku curut-_-
7. Punya satu adik cowok, ngeselinnya tingkat dewa tiap ketemu ngajak berantem-_-
8. Jutek katanya
9. Moody an
10.hidup kaya main angry bird tiap aku gagal pasti ada aja babi babi yg ketawa:v
11. Hate durian and dog-,,- 12. Paling benci di boongin (siapa juga yg suka di boogin:v)
13. Kurang dalam segala hal, kurang tinggi kurang mancung kurang ndut kurang pinter :/ but it's doesn't matter, i love myself.
14. Just do what I can with what I have
15. di bully itu udah biasa
16.umur boleh 17 tapi muka sama kelakuan masih kaya anak kecil'-'
17. idc with people who judge me
18. mata bermasalah
19. suka ngayal+mimpi
20. the last, stuck with someone(?)

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Normal ♚fanpage attractive hansunhwa
sunhwa_visual The table have turned ??? Heheeheeee. Hwaiting gukkie appa & jieun unnie. Always support. HI -5 .
Good night every one*^▁^* #secret #Sunhwa #hansunhwa #idol #hana #jieun #hyosung #secrettimes #girlgroup #bap #zelo #youngjae #daehyun #jongup #himchan #youngguk #tsent #tsfamily #maknae #beautiful #artist #actress #ulzzang #innocent #kpop #시크릿 #한선화 #아임인러브

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ts.entertainment :【 SUNHWA UDATE 】
Han Sunhwa in the drama 'Rosy Lovers'

The Secret member has already won
praise from the series’ producer, Yoon
Je Moon. The producer explained why
he had been so keen to cast Han Sun
Hwa, saying, “She is one of the few idol
stars who has a natural talent when it
comes to acting. I expect she will be
showing off a wide range of her skills
though this drama.”

Han Sun Hwa said, “I am still not overly
confident of my abilities, but it a great
honor to act alongside the fantastic
cast that is also starring in this series.
I am very thankful, but also feel quite a
lot of responsibility. I will do my best to
make this a drama where viewers can
share a wide range of different

'Rosy Lovers' will be aired in early October.

#tsent #tsenter #tsentertainment #tstown #tsnation #tsfamily #secret #secretkpop #scrt #시크릿 #secrettime #sunhwa #hansunhwa #seonhwa #선화 #한선화 #sunhwasecret #kpop #ts

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Video ♚fanpage attractive hansunhwa
sunhwa_visual First video on insta sunhwa for cosmopolitan 11h

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dramot_tv_series To be released in Oct!

Rosy Lovers (장미빛 연인들) will be a 50 episode-drama by MBC, starring Lee Jang Woo and SECRET's Sun Hwa.

Following her act in recent Marriage Not Dating, she finally got her first lead position in this drama.

Who's looking forward to Rosy Lovers?

#rosylovers #secret #sunhwa #leejangwoo

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kpoplover1312 Felt like I needed some more #Secret in my life #Hana #Zinger #Sunhwa #Jieun #Hyuseong
Who's your bias in this amazing Group?! #f4f #l4l #kpop #girlgroups
  •   mentholoo 1 like for 1 like?) 13h
  •   yeorobun_kpop Follow back? =) 13h
  •   sunhwa_visual sunhwa ><but you cut her face.... ehhhhh: 6 11h
  •   kpoplover1312 I didn't mean to the pic was too big :( I think Sunhwa is the preetiest in Secret, but Hana is my bias hahaha 10h

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Normal ♚fanpage attractive hansunhwa
sunhwa_visual I 've never seen this pic before. I know it from ceci photo shoot. Oh, well....need st to post... hiii ^^ ☆ Secret’s Han Sunhwa Transforms Into College Girl In Love for ‘Rosy Lovers’
A set of stills has been released for Secret’s Han Sunhwa’s first day of filming MBC’s Rosy Lovers.

In the pictures, Han Sunhwa is on her cellphone as she is anxiously searching for someone.

In the drama Rosy Lovers, Han Sunhwa will be acting as ‘Jang Mi,’ an immature mama’s girl who grew without experiencing any hardship in life. Unlike her parents’ will to marry her off to a promising man they choose for her, Jang Mi has the hope to marry someone she falls madly in love with. As she dates healthy and innocent engineering student ‘Cha Dol’ (Lee Jang Woo), she slowly begins to realize the meaning of love.

Yoon Jae Moon PD stated, “Han Sunhwa is one of the few idols who can be an acting-dol. As her character will be going through many transformations throughout the drama, we expect Han Sunhwa to be able to expand her acting spectrum though this project.” Han Sunhwa shared, “I feel honored to work on the same project as many great sunbaenims. As much as I’m grateful, I’m also pressured and feel responsible but I will try to learn a lot from the filming site. I will do my best to make a drama that many people can empathize with.” Rosy Lovers is about a college student couple who accidentally becomes parents and begins to realize the true meaning of love and life. It is set to air in the beginning of October.

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