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  •   mycolchauncey @fericiapho I'm still waiting for those damn shoes! Are level 3 stores receiving them in the fall flow? 4y
  •   fericiapho They won't come in till fall! I can't remember how I tiered them :x but you'll be getting some! 4y
  •   mycolchauncey @fericiapho u should js give me some of the test ones for free lol 4y
  •   fericiapho The won't be in till fall! I forgot how I tiered them but you'll be getting some :) how's the new rmp?? 4y
  •   mycolchauncey @fericiapho jessica lima? She's good..she worked in the field in malibu and she's been a huge help at my store.. 4y
  •   angelawalkingstick I will be in at 9! Come and see me!!!! 4y
  •   kp530 Love this part of my job! 4y
  •   funkbandit_ Mine too 4y

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