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black_berry_tea С добрым утром! Не смогла пройти мимо этого дядечки, впервые за всё время мне кто-то понравился в нью йоркском метро #nyc #manhattan #subway #subwayperformer #ohgirl 1d

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digital.alex Video: https://youtu.be/aJ1Rek861As

For today's video I interview subway musician Chris Zurich. Chris is a Philly native who is now a new yorker that part time #subwaymusician.

Today I follow him through the city during his work hours.

Thanks to Joe Lyons and Stay Classy music.

Thanks to @tcarbs2121 for participating in our video.
For Interviewing New Yorker @zurich_music
Shout out to @nikiscarlettofficial
#nyc #newyorkers #subwaymta #artist #subwayperformer #aspringartist #actor #dancer #video #intervew #lifestyle #pizza #train #lexington #sixline #sixtrain

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bunnacafe TMRW! Santo Fabian, #UnderTheGrassRoof

The Fall season of UTGR kicks off a with Subway Series of the best underground performers.
It can be argued that the Lorimer/Metropolitan L/G stop has the best acoustics of any subway stop in the city. When it is midday and the silence is only broken by the echoing shuffle of the dozen or so commuters waiting patiently for their ride, then the time is ripe for some serious busking.

We were chilling one afternoon after a company meeting when Santo drew up his guitar on the other side of the tracks, and began playing the most haunting and sweet Latin tunes. His voice played perfect harmony to the 2pm commuter dance. And I missed my train to run to the other side and sign him up to come play at Bunna. Ah the sacrifices we make for good art.

Come hear Santo Fabian and his guitar, and let's miss our train together.

Starts at 9. Free with purchase. Everything is eshi. #livemusic #vegan #latinmusic #subwayperformer #busker #bushwick

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  •   kelly_blaze Cool! 2w
  •   lovely_kyla Yo u upp 7d
  •   bestsubwaydancer What's crazy is I could have sworn I heard you in house last night but I was watching tv so I thought I was bugging I mad I didn't get the chance to say hello you came and left fast so here's my number so you don't have to hit me up though the gram lol (347)457-2582 @lovely_kyla 6d
  •   lovely_kyla Lmaoo yeah i need bud. But ima store ya number now 6d
  •   bestsubwaydancer Don't be a stranger @lovely_kyla 6d
  •   natquansavoy Hahaha lol you won 3d

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pedalkicks Holga 120 film double exposure. Lady in subway playing sax with blue flash, bicycle chained to a fence with red flash at night. #holga120 #filmisnotdead #doubleexposure#subwayperformer#bicycle#flash#filmphotography#film#sax 2w

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