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shadow1188 Here is another mural from the Olsen Gallery and Bloom Art Center. Artist: @allen_leper 1h
  •   iamracheljolley Passed it the other day- so beautiful and well done! 1h
  •   shadow1188 @iamracheljolley Definitely! She is so beautiful. Such a perfect mural! 1h
  •   smbnyc Doooope! 1h
  •   _smoonntjeh_ Awesome artwork!! 30min
  •   jaimie_lw I work across the street and I have been wondering what that building was for the longest time! 20min
  •   shadow1188 @smbnyc They really have some dope artwork on this building! 6min
  •   shadow1188 @_smoonntjeh_ Yes! Love this one! 6min
  •   shadow1188 @jaimie_lw It's a really cool building with some great artwork. You should walk over and take a look around. There are some murals in the back and on the side too. 5min

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