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brookealiceon Day without kids! Unfortunately it's a day WITH the stomach flu. Unfair. #sickinbed #stomachflusucksthebigone #myfacehurts 2y
  •   emtingley 2y
  •   leilaqueja Feel better 2y
  •   wildfrays hope you guys feel better soon!!!! 2y
  •   jesswbailey Feel better! 2y
  •   agedlikewhiskey Oh no!!!!! I'm sorry do you need soup or anything? 2y
  •   brielllllle :( 2y
  •   joshuaqueja You guys look like vampires GOSH!!!!! Get some rest albino friends....Jk lol!!! Get better!!!!! 2y
  •   kggh Hope y'all feel better! Even pretty people when you're sick! :) 2y

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