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  •   m.arcus.h Lady gaga is queen 15h
  •   marlenediazx Iggy is pop music too. 14h
  •   bkminaj_ Queen of my ass 13h
  •   bunz.hun please she had like two songs 10h
  •   zap_penguin She's not even close people like one song from her that was no even good just catchy bitch please you are such a troll 4h
  •   miss.dont.give.a.fuck Its Madonna ya stupid whore 3h
  •   real.slim.shady.308 Its funny cuz whenever we prove her wrong with facts about Eminem being better than Iggy in every way possible musically and personally except for being a shitty rapper, she never has anything to say back cuz she knows we're right about Em being the best of all time and Iggy will never amount to him 2h

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