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diefox2000_gi Well I Was Against It, But My Wife @mrs_al_awadhi Insisted ...So Here's 20 Facts About Me :

1-I Hate Bell Pepper, No Mater What The Color(Just Yuck)& I Hate Eggplant(Double Yuck)

2-I Don't Like Mustard In My Fast Food Meal(It Tastes Awful)

3-Have A Severe Case Of Asthma & Will Never Go Out In A Sandy Weather

4-Love Video Games & Own All The Consoles, Old & New(Except X-Box One)

5-RPG Games R My Favorite, Sometimes I Might Even Play For More Than 11 Hours Non Stop (Except To Pray, Or Use The Bathroom)

6-Loves Horror Movies & Like To Watch Them Alone In The Dark

7-Don't Get Scared Easily & Can't Sleep With Even The Slightest Light

8-An Otaku Maniac & Proud

9-Love Collecting Anime's, Movies & Games Figures & Very Proud Of My Awesome Collection

10-The Oldest Of My Siblings

11-A Bookworm By Instinct & A Straight "A" Student, With A 96.4% High School Average(Cuz Of Arabic Language Studies)
12-Entered Chemical Engineering In Kuwait University & Got Expelled After Beating A Professor To A Pulp(The Damn Bastard Called Me A Donkey)

13-My Studies To Be An Art Teacher Was So Easy, Like A Walk In The Park(99.5% Baby)

14-Loves Animals & Had Many Pets Over The Corse Of My Life, I Raised All Kind Of Animals (Snaked, Scorpions, Mice, Hedgehogs, Squirrels, Hamsters, Ferrets, Parrots, Falcons, Pigeons, Spiders, Parakeets, etc..(Yes..I Am The True Ace Ventura, Come To Me My Animal Friends🐄🐏🐀🐃🐅🐇🐐🐓🐂🐊🐪🐆🐈) 15-Loved My Wife From The Moment That Our Eyes Met(I Always Tell Her That She Must've Casted A Spell On Me, U Witch)

16-Hate's Football & Don't Give A Damn About 20 Stupid Adults Running Desperately After A Ball(For God's Sake, Each On Of U Just Buy Ur Own Ball) 17-My Lucky Number Is 7, Love This Number, Many Great Things In My Life Connected To It & The First Is My Birth Month

18-I Get Angered Very Easily & Whatever I Say Must Go

19-34 Years Old, But A Kid At Heart & I Know For A Fact That This Will Not Change, Even If I Reach 100Y(Yeah I'm Gonna Be A Hip Grandpa)

20-Anemic From Birth & Was Born With One Deformed Lung(That Actually Saved My Life When I Had A Car Accident & Cracked One Of My Rib Cage Bones
  •   diefox2000_gi @vanillaaa_q8 THANKS, Wish U & Ur Loved Ones The Same 2h
  •   mrs_al_awadhi @vanillaaa_q8 هههه بهالفتره اللي كان يربي فيها الحيايه و السناجب و العقارب ما كنا متزوجين الحمدلله انا كاسكو و مابيه بفتك منه و يخليكم و يحفظكم يارب 😙 2h
  •   mrs_al_awadhi اهم شي الحيايه و السناجب و العقارب 2h
  •   kfrew1 So much awesome information! I hate mustard too thanks for sharing!!! 2h
  •   memo1002 Wow loved reading this. So sweet the fact about loving ur wife. So glad she made u do this.... no wonder we arw ig friends we share alotta same things solly... my fav lucky number is also 7... i too have bad asthma, i also hate bell peppers hahaha and eggplant as well so funny!!! I also used to be addicted to an online game so silly it was. And its called flyff used to stay up all hours on that darn game. I have since let gaming go as it consumed too much of my life lololol and one last thing ur faft about beating up the professor cracked me up. I woulda never thought that of u haha. 31min

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waninstagram8 La confrontation du viaduc.
🌍 Morlaix | Finistère | Bretagne | France.
️ Ciel bleu contre quelques nuages
Bonne fin de journée les ami(e)s

#ErwanEnZoneBZH #Bretagne #Morlaix

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goldensunspot ️Golden Shot of the Day☉
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Photo chosen by @laelynn

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jeffcooper7 #Breeding success for a rare pair of #CommonBlackHawk in southwestern#utah produced at least two juveniles. I crept through aspen saplings in a shallow #river bed to capture this early morning image as the #hawk was #perched for feeding in the shade of a mountain. Very cool experience for me since I had wondered if the Hawks were successful #breeders after discovering their #nest back in May. Read more of the experience on my blog at www.neovistabirding.blogspot.com. 11h

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tpfmariah9999 "Every teardrop is a waterfall." What a beautiful day spent hiking at Patapsco Valley State Park to Cascade Falls.
Photographed at Patapsco Valley State Park, Orange Grove in Baltimore, MD.

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samho12 They're going home; they're going home; tell the world they're going home; let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday 2w

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