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  •   irocz1le I actually got these brand new off a guy from craigslist awhile back @felixthcat9 1w
  •   irocz1le What are you going with weight jacks? @kairles 1w
  •   darkangelblueeyes That's what ive got lol 1w
  •   kairles No, for now I'm installing some prokit springs. Next year I'm gonna play around with different spring weights and see what works best with my car. 7d
  •   irocz1le Nice then you doin it right @darkangelblueeyes 7d
  •   irocz1le I didnt go with the prokit cuz i seen alot ppl complainn sayin there car still sat rovhigh even with sportlines i feel likes its not low enough @kairles 7d
  •   kairles Do to me setup the sportlines lowered the car to much and my exhaust would drag. 7d
  •   ms.baybunny Wett 6d

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