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  •   sarasoda_77 A lot of fond memories indeed. I never wanted to go home! LOL! 5mon
  •   peanutmakesfive That was my home! Spent more time there than at my own "houses". Great memories!! Xoxo 5mon
  •   miratc76 Oh man! Alot of laughs in that house!! #mybloodclocfinger ;) xo. 5mon
  •   mdewar30 Hey Debbie my parents still live around the corner 31 years 5mon
  •   micheyme Oh wow thats a good tbt sis jezzzzz 5mon
  •   debbiedebbzzz Sure felt great growing up w/2 sisters in the household. I swear my mom adopted you guys at times! Lol @sarasoda_77 @peanutmakesfive she was so amazing! @miratc76 holy crap.....we laughed for hours about the "bloodclot" finger! Who am I kidding It still makes me laugh! @micheyme you were such a little brat... Some things just never change ;) to you all thanks for filling my life of love, joy and laughter! #memories 5mon
  •   debbiedebbzzz @mdewar30 I'm sure my parents would have still been there if my mom was still with us! Such a great neighborhood... Well at least back then it was! #PercyWilliamsbabies 5mon

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