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makeitideal Tag an amazing photographer below!! Did you know that if you only had a few hundred dollars to spend per month in your business, we would say hire a great photographer who KNOWS how to get shots for social media (yes there is a difference!) Photographers each have a certain aesthetic. Some are more versatile than others but in general, they each have a *genius zone* that they work in!! It could be landscapes, babies, personal branding, natural lighting, studio photography, and many many other niches. Don't trust the ones who say they do it all.

They should have a really beautiful Instagram showing their work. If they don't, you can ask to see a portfolio and get an idea of their style.

If you need help pulling together an amazing photoshoot for your social brand, give us a call and chat about where you're taking your #socialbrand. A little styling can make all the difference. We can also put you in touch with the right photographer that fits your style.

High resolution imagery is the number ONE differentiator between those who charge premium rates for their products and services and those who are struggling to differentiate themselves.

Happy Thursday Bosses! This boss image is via @thecopassguy

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theonesocial FIND NYFW // request an uber between 11am - 4pm today and have you @lyst designer fashion bag delivered to you within NYC with code: FINDNYFW #socialbrand #theonesocial #nyfw #findnyfw #ubernyc #lyst 11h

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