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  •   mexican_gerbil @spencerpelham he rides like a 153 how is that small for park/street 2y
  •   spencerpelham @agent00gnar never said it was? I myself ride the 153 Horrorscope. I was just asking about drag and his boot size? Not sure what kind of argument or point you're trying to make. 2y
  •   mexican_gerbil stalker steeze he rides a size ten boot on a 153 with large bindings and a size 153 capita ultrafear is designed for boot sizes up to at least a eleven and a half with no drag 2y
  •   mexican_gerbil and you said he rides a small board in your comment @spencerpelham 2y
  •   mexican_gerbil lawyered 2y
  •   mexican_gerbil i totally ruined that by mispelling it 2y
  •   williamjnavarr0 Haha!!! Jeg og pleide å gjøre det!#badass 2y
  •   arekkusuuuu haha i got paid to test those horrible things back in 98 2y

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