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  •   chris__liam__hemsworth__ WHAT?!?! Everyone should get a spring break! I'm really sorry! @lokis_asgardian_goddess 4w
  •   lokis_asgardian_goddess Yeah in the college I'm in they don't give many breaks, so I haven't gotten a spring break I can't wait till summer vacation I'm sick of school it has me very stressed 4w
  •   chris__liam__hemsworth__ I'm so sorry you're stressed! If I could I would come help you and give you a hug! Only like two or three months till summer though! @lokis_asgardian_goddess 4w
  •   lokis_asgardian_goddess Awww Thank you you're so sweet & yeah I can't wait I've got my birthday in a month then in June I'm looking forward to my summer vacation I've even felt sick from all the stress so much homework I've had to have nights where I'm up all night till 5am studying or doing homework then go to school on absolutely zero hours of sleep 4w
  •   chris__liam__hemsworth__ I'm really sorry! That sucks! Take baths!! They really help me when I'm stressed! Get bath bombs from Lush they are really nice! @lokis_asgardian_goddess 4w
  •   lokis_asgardian_goddess Thanks for the recommendations I will keep them in mind because I've literally been sick due to all the stress I just hope I can be done very soon my statistics math class is the worst omg 4w
  •   chris.jeryan Please follback 5d
  •   draisvip Nice.... 19h

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