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Walden Shahid Sandhu
  •   pakijattjr786 @mr_deville I also found a size 9. Let me know asap 2y
  •   mr_deville What's the ticket? And you price them to high you were selling the breds for 350 and I found a pair for 225 the next day. I thought I posted it n told you but I guess not.. 2y
  •   mr_deville IM all about finding the deals just like everyone else ya feels me? 2y
  •   pakijattjr786 @mr_deville 225? Word!! You hustled that dude. Lol.. but thats super cheap. How much u want to spend?? 2y
  •   mr_deville It depends I've been looking and can't find at deal on the 88 but no more than 275 3 2y
  •   mr_deville How much did you find a pair for? 2y
  •   pakijattjr786 Nah 275 is too low. The shoes cost 230 retail with taxs. @mr_deville the dude sselling them for 375 the best I could do since I know him get them for 350 or 340. 2y
  •   pakijattjr786 I got them through nike.com @mr_deville plus two of them from a friend of mine. 2y

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