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team.tyrant.comic.wars Earths mightiest vs The ruler of the Chaos Dimension and one of the few beings who can smack Galactus himself around, SHUMA-GORATH ! The most ancient and powerful demon within the Marvel universe !
#Shuma_Gorath #Marvel
  •   jhayes2010 I'm guessing Shuma is not a visually appealing character so s/he is downplayed a bit. However I did enjoy fighting against it in Marvel vs Capcom 2. 5mon
  •   colemanwilcox This is an amazing work of art@ 5mon
  •   psionic.onslaught @jhayes2010 Yeah that's exactly why ! He's a beast in the comics. Not even Doctor Strange with UNLIMITED absorbed power could kill him so he had to banish him away. Lol. Even them, Dr. Strange almost committed suicide just to get rid of Shuma's evil energies ! He's awesome. I may grab a few of his showings this weekend. 5mon
  •   colemanwilcox @psionic.onslaught I smell a battle....SHUMA-GORATH vs The Great Darkness! (The Great Evil Beast from DC) 5mon
  •   psionic.onslaught @colemanwilcox Check your DM, brother. 5mon
  •   machine.man @colemanwilcox Hmm? This is not my picture, if that is what you are asking :) 5mon
  •   amateur_artists_ @tejas_1103 it's like the big squid thing from Watchmen 5mon

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