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3y mer_mag
Inkwell Merrilee Liddiard
  •   urmysunshines Get well soon baby Mila! 3y
  •   suzannejhart She is such a sweetie with that little face! 3y
  •   elliefunday Aww many prayers for her! 3y
  •   oneinamelia This is no good. 3y
  •   abjane17 Poor little love. How old is she? My little girl was hospitalized with a urinary & kidney infection at 2.5 months. She has kidney reflux & still has to take a little bit of amoxicillin every night for it...2 1/2 years later. Being in the hospital with a little one is so not fun. 3y
  •   mer_mag @abjane17 no fun. My daughter is just now 2 months (with RSV). Babies shouldn't get sick if you ask me. 3y
  •   abjane17 I imagine it would be soooo hard having older kids bringing germs into the house. That would freak me out. Luckily, we've been pretty healthy. Definitely something for me to remember when I feel like I'm going crazy with (still!) nursing her (at 33 months!) several times a day! 3y
  •   antoinettemz_ This picture is so heartbreaking. I hope she's better. 3y

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