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  •   kristol.d91 @shearbeautybyashlee so I am looking into buying a new curling iron (preferably a wand) I have a question I think you would be able to answer. What's the difference in results between the cone shaped one and the straight barrel? Like "end curl" results ex: the shape of the curl? I'm hoping to master the beachy wave look.. recommendations? 2d
  •   shearbeautybyashlee The straight barrel will give you a more even uniform curl, the cone one will give you different size curls, the curl will be smaller/tighter at the smaller end of the barrel and will be wider/looser at the bigger end of if. Does that make sense, 2d
  •   kristol.d91 Yes, thanks so much! 2d
  •   shearbeautybyashlee You're welcome :D 2d

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