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  •   elizabeth.moravek Woop Woop!  3y
  •   jaclyn3198 Love* 3y
  •   elizabethannsmith1954 Bethany 3y
  •   mgddie Awesomeness TV, I'm just one of the MANY fans of your channel. I am literally checking your channel every 5 minutes for videos! My favorites are probably IMO, Crazy I Say, and RaNdOmNeSs! But I LOVE THEM ALL. You guys responded to me twice, and both times I was all-out fangirling! Stay awesomeness! Love, your biggest fan, Maddie! 3y
  •   3zouh I love this show 3y
  •   jennyy_russo Can someone explain to me what IMO is cuz im so confused 3y
  •   _2tyonglaneah Would love to be on this show 3y

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