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edroste Even the Virgin Mary can't help this sad squashed aloe plant #brooklyn #onthewaytothesupermarket #sadaloevibes 2y
  •   kayeesee I think I know how you do this @edroste 2y
  •   kayeesee I love your photo btw 2y
  •   edroste @itskayesy how? It's just a window with a plant in it and a reflection hehe 2y
  •   kayeesee Ooohh haha it's just that I've took a photo similar with yours :) 2y
  •   leairbag Neighbor! 2y
  •   edroste @leairbag u know the window? Ha 2y
  •   leairbag Yes! I have one photo from it somewhere in my feed, but love it as well, neighborhood jewels @edroste 2y
  •   modellita I love your shots, very good eye. It must be fun being you :) nice life! 2y

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