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crossbreed_lr I REALLY want this #abandoned 1940 #ford pickup. It's in pretty good shape. #fordsofinstagram #fomoco 22h
  •   mongon Actually not that controversial... Sounds great except for the slamming to the ground part! 22h
  •   travelholics Wow! It sure is pretty 22h
  •   ampewt Yep turbo v6 is fine. I'm the guy that put a Buick V6 in a Vega GT and outran Mustangs. Different is cool! 21h
  •   crossbreed_lr @ampewt - it just dawned on me, I don't want the duratec (that's an older engine)... I want the ecoboost from the f-150. 17h
  •   _eonblueapocalypse Sounds good to me, let's split it! Lol 9h
  •   ampewt Ecoboost is what I was thinking. That would be cool! When you starting on it? Lol 56min

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