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  •   soulwriter Sooooooo fun !! Sell@this pic to Target for next summer ! 3y
  •   ryan_meyer_photography @soulwriter where would I submit something like that? 3y
  •   soulwriter I think it is perfect for a summer Target ad. Don't you ? Just goggle them. I have a pic I want to sell to Nike. I would just think it would be a bit of a maze. But definitely findable. You never know --- sometimes business gets done just by tenacity and sheer will ! 3y
  •   soulwriter Forget my spelling ! 3y
  •   ryan_meyer_photography Heck yea! I posted a couple photos on Flickr and St. Louis magazine contacted me to publish on of my photos!! Sometimes lucky sometimes will! 3y
  •   soulwriter That's it ! 3y
  •   soulwriter Sooo cool ! Did you post the pic on Ig ? 3y

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