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12mon waltereross
Mayfair Waltereross
waltereross Arrancine and Chinese rice thing. #ricecreamcone 12mon

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jaye_rose_13 #momofukuko #davidchang #ftw. I would love to #shoutout the chefs there since they are actually the ones creating a lot of the recipes, often on the spot. This is the only picture I took there since you aren't allowed to take pictures inside. It's going to be long but I am gonna post my notes, since they are the only thing I have to spark my recollections of the dishes. #ko. So #thankful luis took the trek for me. 1y
  •   jaye_rose_13 Mini English muffin with black sesame paste and cranberry
    Oyster with chive oil and paprika vinegar
    Jalepeno popper w Benton bacon sour cream
    Fried potato filled with curry cream & burnt onion

    Snapper tartar with consume made out of the bones of the fish, finger chilis, finger lime & shiso essence

    Bronzino w puffed faro and radish

    Braised mackerel w picketed shallot and puffed rice

    Cauliflower salad with Sardines blood orange, whipped tofu mustard, nustergeon leaf pesto

    Duck meatball with tomato & mustard seed sauce, fennel and spring onion accompanied by duck consume w spring onion flowers
    Spicy mushroom consume with scallops, mushrooms,horseradish & Asian pear

    Cuttlefish with shishito pepper sauce and crispy rice - one of my favorites

    Aged beef tartar thickened with mountain yam, maybe mustard? quail egg, onion marmalade topped with buttermilk oat chip

    Puffed egg (amazing) Benton bacon, chives, kelp?, some broth?

    Lobster tail, lobster sauce (woah) herb salad, basil, laminated brioche

    Celery root tortellini, celery root chip, tandoori spice and shaved black truffle

    Pan seared coconut halibut, brussel sprout leaves, sea urchin sauce and diced apple (one of my favorites)
    Cured, frozen, shaved froi grois, lychee, Riesling gelee & pine nut brittle #classic

    Venison, with fried sunchoke, Fermented pomegranate sauce, kale chips and kale purée

    Toasted barley sorbet (!!!), grapefruit foam (!!!!), granola & vanilla soy pudding

    Chocolate and black trumpet mushroom ice cream, candied black trumpet mushrooms with an almond tuille and huckleberry coffee sauce

    Ice cream cone stuffed with sweet sticky rice cooked in a banana leaf, mochi & soy ice cream topped with crispy black rice. #ricecreamcone 1y

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  •   zzinger Looks nomilicious! 3y
  •   lemonrcs Don't think this cone is lickable O.o 3y

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