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andrhandreou If they desrespect you, still respect them. #Becauseyou #represent #yourself #notothers 🏼 1min

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selfmademaeh So I'm pretty much obsessed with my new ShredZ gear!!! I mean duh they're my favorite colors in the first place but the cut off hoodie was actually great for high intensity workouts but keeping my body temp up as well. Can't wait to wear the pants tomorrow ️ thanks @shredzforwomen ! #muchlove #shredz #weightlossjourney #transformation #represent #fresh #fitfam #fitness #fitnessgear #gym #gymrat #retailtherapy 4min

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n.ghtbloom Oh my goodness!
I just got blocked by an account that was trying to spread hate. We all want to be better and want equality, but why can't some people be equal with us. You can't dream of a better future if it comes at the expense of lowering others. All people from every background should be elevated to levels of sameness. If one group is on a higher platform, then they should help raise the others up. WE SHOULD NOT TEAR ANYONE DOWN AND WE SHOULD NOT OPPRESS OTHERS FOR ANY REASON. You cannot prevent hate by spreading hate because the only true outcome will be more hatred. If negativity is the only way you can try to bring understanding, then new methods should be found because most of these arguments and comments are not going to bring a positive change.
#feminism #poc #womanism #rant #lgbt #lgbtq #equality #positive #negative #respect #change #represent

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djseltzer Gracias totales! Mi camino... sigue siendo el mismo de siempre..." ️ Emocionado de leer tantos saludos y recibir su cariño en mi fiesta de cumple!

Mucho Amor, Admiración y Respeto para Mi Familia & Mis Reales @pamelipic @djatenea @djacres @djboogiemike @zaturnogalactico @rhadigga @originalmov @shamanescrewoficial @chinooxl @pegymontana @sebastian_djprinceb @juanibeatz @lamontanafilms @tormentaenataque @sofitariquelme @jeinst1 @clubsubterraneo , y bueno.. todos los amigos y amigas que me faltan por nombrar pero están en mi corazón... One love!
#Represent #Realdjing #SerDJnoesModa
  •   javijosu Oiga maestro ! Sensei !! Feliz cumple !! El mejor de los exitos! Besos y muchos cariñosssss 2min

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jzsocialenterprises FEATURE FRIDAY STARTS NOW! Check out these amazing MAPS WINE GLASSES from @uncommongreen 6min

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habiscream ギリギリ間に合った〜100m 個人メドレー出場!ナイスファイト
#一番左レーン #Tip世田谷 #Represent #fighthard

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11min cryss_012
Normal Crystal Hammonds
youvrae Espolon ready for Margarita Day 2016. #feb22 #sea180 #represent #topsecret 12min

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chi.flo When I gave Christina Milian Chi Flo #christinaMilian #chiflo #chifloarmy #yas #represent 14min

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14min achaisha
Valencia Achaisha

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sydneyroosters New recruit @joe_burgess had an exciting start to his Roosters career 🐓 Who impressed you most Roosters fans? #NRLAKL9s #Represent 16min

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17min vktus
X-Pro II Viktoriya Gaponski

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18min thedukeslc
Normal The Dukes (PA) Lacrosse Club
thedukeslc Good luck to ALL Dukes LC Alums on start of 2016 spring lacrosse campaign! #represent #dukeslc

Dukes Alums NCAA Captains 2016 Spring
UNC-Austin Pifani
Lehigh-Casey Eidenshink
Monmouth-Tyler Keen
Marist-Dillon Walker
ND-Conor Kelly
Hartford-Chris Duffy
Princeton-Ryan Ambler
Essex CC-Jimmy Case

Will Mette

Air Force.
Alex Warden
Chuck Goldstein

Jackson Tamasitis
Timothy W. Langerhans

Boston. U.
Ryan Hilburn
Greg Farris
Sean McGovern

Henry Blynn
Will Gural

Graham Seuffert
Shane Morrell

Grayson Helm

Zach Ward

Eric Giannetti
Paul Major
Trupert Ortlieb
Carson Scott
Alex Ready

Nick Valentino
Sean Valentino
Matt Petrick
Jeremy Omrod

Drew Murray

Justin Kane

Chris Duffy
Chris Friedman

Peter Blynn
Sean Coleman

High Point.
Mick Horrocks

Christian Durkota
Trevor Kupecky
Jon Warg

Holy Cross
Will Friedman

Chase Miller

Johns Hopkins.
Joe Carlini
Robert Kuhn
Eddie Morris
Drew Supinski

Scott McAvoy
Morgan Westby

Zach Drake
Casey Eidenshink
Matt Ernst
Danny Norris
Andrew Pettit
Lucas Spence
Ian Strain

Loyola. Matt Heim
Damase Bagbonon
Ryder Harkins

Jimmy Murphy
Dillon Jogger Walker

Noah Joseph
Colin Strange
Mikey Zadroga

Matthew Rambo
Ian Robertson
Jon Garino
Ryan Lehman

Stefan Bergman
Dan Kinek
Brandon Shima
Chase Young
Robbie Zonino

Chris Daly
Nick Hreshko Hunter Jones
Tyler Keen
Kevin Murphy
Zack Schleicher
Sean Tornetta
George Uhrich
Ryan Kern

Austin Pifani
Charles Kelly
Colin Reder

Notre Dame. Conor Kelly
Drew Schantz
Carl Walrath

Ohio State. Freddy Freibott

UPENN. Chris Hilburn
Reilly Hupfeldt

PSU. Grant Ament
Tyler Butler, Tyler Chambers, Matt Donnelly, Ryan Guittare, Chris Guy Isenberg, Tanner Peck, Will Schreiner, Mike Sutton

Ryan Ambler,
ASST coach Steve Steve Grossi Jr.

Cole Renninger,
ASST Coach Mason Poli

Rutgers. Adam Graham

Sacred Heart. Troy Moyer

St Joes. Dustin Buchanan, Kevin Forster,

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20min trascapades
trascapades #ArtIsAWeapon #BlackExcellence #BlackBrilliance #Diversity #TheArts
47th Annual @naacpimageawards tonight on @tvonetv. #RedCarpet starts now - 8pm EST.
Regrann from @tvonetv - The NAACP #ImageAwards is the nation's premier event celebrating exemplary works by, for, and relevant to people of color and promote #diversity in the arts! We can't wait to see how the biggest and brightest stars #REPRESENT tonight!
Be sure to tune into the 47th NAACP #ImageAwards - TONIGHT @ 9PM EST only on #TVOne! #Regrann

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