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jongrakpark After 5 months, I'm back!! I have just started working for 6 weeks now and what I have realized is not that I have to be independent from now on but the first thing I realized was that how great are my parents.
Earning money for your own self is not something easy; it is tiring like really tiring. But your parents worked that hard, suffered that pains and stress so that your family can live.

No matter how rich or how poor your family is, be proud and be grateful of your parents. No matter how scary or strict your parents, be happy about it. You will never understand what they have gone through.

When I was still studying, all I cared was to be rich and give back to society. But I have forgotten my basic, actually our parents need the most. If I think back and see myself when I was growing causing troubles and not listen to them, I really regret it. I was so young and never understood. Now I know how I should be thankful.

All I need to do is work hard and be happy and share with my family. In the end what matters to most is not all the money you have, but it's the memory you have with our family.

Love you Mom and Dad.

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