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6min n_cans
Video N I C K O L E
Normal Dani Nicole
meadowlark522 Dear Gym,

I am breaking up with you. It’s not me, it’s you and I have found something better that enhances all aspects of my life. You have taken my money and wasted my time, but you have not been supportive or helped me reach my goals for the past 8 years. I cannot hande this nonreciprocal relationship and longer and it is time I move on. I wish you well, but I’m with team Beachbody now.

Best wishes,

I have been on the fence for a while as it's been a love/hate relationship filled with on again/off again cheating, but I finally decided to end my 8 year affair with my gym. With Beachbody I have the best trainers ever and I can workout anywhere at any time and not have to make sure my clothes match or my hair is brushed. They only stares I get are from my kittens and they don't mind if I'm sweaty or smelly. My home has been declared a no judgment zone and I am able to let go of my inhibitions and focus on doing my best. Plus, I will be saving more than $800/year of the money I work hard for, I will save 182 hours/year of my valuable time, I will be kinder to my car by putting 2548 less miles on it per year, and I will save myself 122 gallons of fuel per year. By reducing my transportation needs I am reducing my contribution to air pollution and the rising rates of asthma as as conserving invaluable resources. This is one thing I feel good about quitting. What will you gain if you quit? If you're ready to breakup with your gym membership and get healthy from the comfort of your own home hit me up so I can help you get started. FB: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=614722885337140&id=614295718713190&substory_index=0
Email: meadowlark522@gmail.com. #quitter #cize #21dayfix

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daniellepanda #KillinIt #NonSmoker #9Months #NotPregnant #Quitter I want to thank all my friends and family for the moral support I really didn't think I would last the past few months with all the stress going on #GoMe #PattingMyselfOnTheBack #TeamPanda #WinnerWinner 2h

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queenlee519 When you get #paid than #asked what you wanna #eat for #lunch? So many #times I wanted to #giveUp but I can't #find it in me to be a #quitter a #cryBaby a #welfareHoe I'll take that .. #cashedOne #depositOne and stay #debt and #suckerFree 2h
  •   livinglifeawithnoregrets I like that.... 2h
  •   queenlee519 @livinglifeawithnoregrets not needing people is the first key to being real ! I never use anyone for anything cause I always got my own ! Have a great day boo 2h
  •   livinglifeawithnoregrets That's why I'm so into you @queenlee519 2h
  •   ash_catch_them Teach me your ways 26min
  •   queenlee519 @ash_catch_them its really simple ... Find something LEGAL that you genuinely like doing and do it! You have to start somewhere and I started along time on the bottom and I have mountains to climb before I hit the top but I never stop climbing no matter what ... Sick happy sad mad none of that shit matters ! Progressing everyday is all that matters ! 7min

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captjoshcharters No more cigs I'm a quitter!!!! Clear these poor lungs out #nonsmoker #cleartheair #healthlife #quitter 5h
  •   jennifermott YAY!!!! So happy for you and proud of you! You can do this! 🏻 5h
  •   nnamzterk @captjoshcharters who were you on the phone with ?? Must have been an inspirational call ! 3h
  •   captjoshcharters That's the fantasy mass text war we've been having probably Rick tearing up a lil haaa 3h

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Normal quintensity.com
quintensity No one likes a #quitter. #hardwork 6h

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Normal امیربابک ارسلان پور - ABA
amirbabak بیا گاهی به خودت دروغ بگو،
چند دروغ ساده،

مثل من خوبم...
آرامم، خوشحالم...
بیا گاهی اشتباه کن اشتباه بنویس...
خواهر، خواستن، خواهش را بدون " واو " بنویس!

ترس را با هر " ط/ت " که دوست داشتی بنویس!
و ببین که آب از آب تکان نمی خورد!

که زندگی راه خودش را می رود!
که چرخ زندگی با اشتباه تو نمی ایستد.

اصلا بیا گاهی خودت را به کوچه علی چپ بزن!
توی کوچه علی چپ قدم بزن!

راه برو سوت بزن!
نگو یکبار باختم تعطیل!
دیگر بازی نمی کنم!

زندگی با این باختن ها...
این افتادن ها
زمین خوردن هاست که زندگی
می شود!

خطر کن بی پروا
سر چیزهای بزرگ زندگی!
کارت، اعتبارت، جانت حتی، این همه احتیاط که چه؟

که خط نیفتد روی شیشهء دلت!
بیا یک بار بی هدف، بی نقشه، بی قطب نما راه بیفت، بی توشه حتی، برو بباز!
نترس، بازی کن، آن قدر تا چیزی برای باختن نماند!

تا از دست دادن عادت شود و باختن پالایش روح...
باور کن زمین خوردن جزیی از زندگیست!
بازی کن... #احمد #شاملو

How about tellling yourself some #lies sometines, some little lies...like

I am fine...
I am at peace...
I am happy... How about making #mistakes sometimes, how about misspelling the words... Write "Ceester" once instead of "sister" ; and you'll see the world is still the same world.

Write "Phier" rather than fear and you'll see #life still does go on the way it always has. It won't stop going by just because of your mistakes.

You know what? Sometime, let people think you know nothing , like you are off... Walk around. Whistle like you are care-free
Dont give up just because you've screwed once; Don't be a #quitter.

You build up your life over these #losses, over these #falls.

Be a #risk taker over big things! Over your job, your credit even your life. What's the point of all this #conservation.
Being all cautous so you won't get #hurt?
Get out there once without a plan, without any supplies, not with a compass. Just once. Go and lose. Keep #fucking around till there is nothing left to lose.
Keep playing till you make a #habbit of getting over your loss. Losing #purifies your #soul... Believe me! Losing is part of the fun. It's part of life.
It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game that counts.

Play on... #این #نیز #بگذرد #سکوت #صبر #زندگی #۱۷#اردیبهشت #شیراز
#EnglishPersian #text #teacher #journalist

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neu_fox I'm giving up a bad vice of mine and decided to cut drinking out of my life except for a rare occasion. Close friends know I don't drink *that* much but when I use that to keep my anxiety to a minimum it's not the most flattering aspect of me. I don't want to limit myself anymore and this is one of the key factors that has held me back and has hurt me in the end. #imdone #betterchoices #anxietyruinslives #anxietysucks #byeanxiety #dobetter #quitter #giveupforabetterlife #doa180 #overit #moremoneyforcarparts #andmeth #lol 6h
  •   tymanpep Love this. 6h
  •   neu_fox @tymanpep you've seen me at my best and def my worst esp at sowo lol lets just say I want to have more "best" moments. You're doing awesome on your training btw :) #goals 6h
  •   tymanpep @neu_fox thanks dear. Just stay consistent and make it a habit. I wish the best of luck to you 6h
  •   neu_fox you're the best @tymanpep it'll be the best decision ever! 6h

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tanjab06 Some days skirts are necessary! #skirt #cute #selfie #ootd #tgim #style 7h

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belsebuub Dyndyndyyyyn #quitter 11h

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kcd91 Reunited with this gook! @ercc89 #coilgame #quitter #wegowayback 15h

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steprazor13 Hanging on Harder than Usual

I gave up in a hiccup whirlwind
someone said 'poet' about me once
maybe twice or several times doesn't mean I was
very well received at the AWP, tho
I did think of them, in a way
the same way I think about
all the beatings I received
at the hands of the police I should have
gone to school, instead
of going to the streets it was a choice I made
so long ago
the people I made the choice with
are mostly dead & buried
smoke that rose up long ago
clay teeth in dreams of golden light
freckles of stars littering a hazy solvent
of grief I gave up before
would not be the first time
this time cost so much
I don't have anything left
to pay what I owe
I was doomed to owe
there was no way out of it

my arm twists hard while I sleep
in unmarked cars that have no
backseat to drive from

my heart skips a magic beat
never comes back like
the boomerang echo
that I had hoped for
worked for it never came & the buzzer
did its thing
the crowd roared
for the overdog
I placed my hands
over my ears
& felt the absence
of the pistol that
was always
in my waistband some people worship
this idea of
all I know it must be better to quit while you're ahead because I
have quit
while I was behind
so many times
that nobody
how dead I already am

#RazorPoem #Quitter #Adios

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randysthighs i just finished a dolph ziggler video edit i'll be posting it later now i'm going to go straighten my hair bye!
#ajlee #quitter #wwe #diva #wrestler

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pauline.tdn On ne quitte jamais vraiment l'enfance..

#enfance #children #quitter #plush #diddl #pikachu #love #follow

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j2dat God. #Eminem #shadyrecords #shadyxv #slimshady #greenlantern #quitter #everlastisaquitter #dissrecord #nowplaying #rapgod #thisishowyoudoit "but if you talk about my little girl on a song again imma killllllllll youuuuu" - @eminem 23h

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