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prosperox NYC 3y
  •   melly_puff Hahaha! Thank you! I already did that! Except I didn't looked for you outside! Lol! 3y
  •   prosperox @melly_puff oh, great then! But you weren't the one that tossed out the rope ladder off your balcony? Uh oh... Hahah!! 3y
  •   melly_puff Hahahaha!! No! I think that would have been my father! :) 3y
  •   melly_puff The one that tossed out and the cut it down! :) he can be so fierce sometimes :) 3y
  •   prosperox @melly_puff Ahhaha!! There's another defender protecting you from unwanted foes..... I see I'm going to have to strive even more to capture you, er I mean capture your heart!! The heart!! Hahaha! 3y
  •   melly_puff Actually I'm afraid that he can protect myself only... when it comes to my heart not even him cannot defend it 3y
  •   prosperox @melly_puff I'm speechless!! And yet I did not hear you say who will be the defender of your heart if not your papa? I wait with eager anticipation to know who will be the one and only man you want to defend your heart... 3y
  •   melly_puff I think that it's actually a one and only... girl: me! ;) 3y

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