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  •   xarleeyha Noooooooo noooooooo noooooooo just stay wia you are. Gari yayi zafi, Buhari is not helping matters. Lol flight ai sai Bayan kwana biyu @manir_faisal 22h
  •   manir_faisal Ba ruwan Buhari - Abeg! Go bring out those denomination stuffs under bed @xarleeyha and settle my bills in advance. 22h
  •   xarleeyha D fact that you are not complaining makes you suspicious. I mean even mosquitos in my room are complaining of this change, buh ur busy flexing, jumpn from one part of Nigeria to another, Man am sending my EFCC men after you....... , be prepared. And dont even think of fleeing abroad cos ur passport is under suspension @manir_faisal 22h
  •   manir_faisal The change is for the betterment of the society. And before there could be a better environment the economic sector has to be stabilized, put the mints circulation on pause, flush out the termites and then put on a play. Beside, I'm a business man and a farmer - so your EFCC should save their fuel than coming down here because they wont get anything and again, fuel is very expensive now. Kin ko ga gumina nake ci.. Noma tushen arziki @xarleeyha 21h
  •   xarleeyha Lol 20h
  •   manir_faisal Yaseen na maki 2 - 0 19h
  •   xarleeyha Nah qyale ka kawai nayi, I can swear ur not a former. In short Nothing like it. And business men are too busy to be travelling around, so am not convinced sir @manir_faisal 18h
  •   manir_faisal Kice kina bukatar qarin bayani 5h

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