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designertoynation What's your favorite Omen set? Let's hears it in the comment section! I'm a huge fan of Fugi & Shibuya myself, I love the color choices they went with these two! Plus these were first with the new packaging which I prefer! 4h
  •   nickstagrammin Grim and grudge 4h
  •   nickstagrammin 2nd beam and flash! @315retro 4h
  •   beyond8bitz Beep and Jeep 4h
  •   woesrules I haven't even kept up with all of the ones released honesty but I'm with you on these 2; those colors look great! 4h
  •   vinyl_artnotatoy Eclipse and Orb , Shibuya and Fugi , The Sun Age and Swith to fall... all are cute 4h
  •   tmhawk24 I only have 2 sets but this is my fav :) love the color combos on these 3h
  •   acetate909 Ouch and bang are the only ones I care about 1h
  •   unlucky_charm13 Love this set too, I think initially because of the association to my favorite store @rotofugi, but they are so great together; and Fugi is easily my favorite colorway. Also dig Eclipse/Orb because I love mono stuff. 17min

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