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ebrahim.mirmalek A flower seller sleeping after a long day work in Tehran. 3w

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Normal Ebrahim Mirmalek
ebrahim.mirmalek 'You are confined only by the walls you build yourself' 1d

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theoeuvre | Worth |
Sneaking a cigarette,
nicotine swiftly surged my vein
light headed, as if it was that first drag

The world was in full spin

as I sat on the edge of the heli pad

It was quiet this time of the morning
on the hospital rooftop

as if the violence of the inner city has stopped
for fear of the sunrise
The gold veil of the morning sun
now quietly filled the edges of the sky

and for that moment of clarity,

albeit the effect of that deeply inhaled drag of my smoke
or the awe-inspired golden city scape,

I realized,
Never for a moment have I ever looked at the sun
and not realizing its worth
And perhaps the same could be said about people,

down below,

If they couldn’t see my worth at the moment we met

then they wouldn’t two years later,
or twenty

My nicotine charged brain
was suddenly filled
with that same gold-veiled thankfulness

Our distance slowly flooded with regrets •kb•

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Normal theoeuvre
theoeuvre | He |

And She,
She could never say it
Her words
at the end of her tongue

And He,
He was beautiful,
in his ordinary way
His words,
each syllable,
they burned
charring her
And she could not understand
why no one was as disturbed
as she
by the sound of his feet
striking the earth,
why no one else's heart was wild
with the breeze stirred,
by the sighs of his breaths,
why everyone did not go mad
with the flight of his hands,
the gold in his laughter
And she had not missed a single one
not one of his gestures,
each word,
not one,
not the indications of his character

And He,
a state of grace,
of love,
not the means to anything,
but the alpha and omega
An end in itself

And She,
She could never say it


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mdcldctr The Gods do not favor the easy path, nor those who take it.
#heathen, #shaman, #norse, #asatru, #northerntradition, #photoforge2

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scottborrero Ocean Missed : Like a breathe of fresh air 16h

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keenananan Jim Danger is... The Karate Kid. Coming to theaters 2035. 1d

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scottborrero Free Flight : Some birds are not meant to be caged #flockwithus 1d

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