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iv3tte Day 055: day two of cursive: it was really amazing. The crowd was pretty insane, but the energy was great. And Chris snagged this set list for. We had Tim and Patrick sign it. When Tim signed it he was standing with Conor Oberst and Johnathan Rice! 3y
  •   wllbrnlktrchs I'll probably drop it off at your house, hopefully I make it in time 3y
  •   dinosauregg So jealous I was standing in front of you before those douche bag dreadlocks ruined the night for my friend so we moved. I should've had that set list 3y
  •   iv3tte @dinosauregg oh no what'd they do? They were really obnoxious but we ended up moving tithe right of them. Sorry you guys had to move! Are you going tonight as well? 3y
  •   dinosauregg @iv3tte yes I am hopefully tonight is a better set and crowd. they were cussing at my friend bc he had his arm up to his waist trying to hold off the crowd from pushing him into me but they kept saying he was purposely elbowing them, which isn't true. 3y
  •   iv3tte @dinosauregg I thought it was an awesome set, but yeah hopefully a less rowdy crowd even though I had fun. Dont think I can take beatings two days in a row lol oh man I can believe those guys did that! Hope they aren't there again today. 3y
  •   dinosauregg @iv3tte if they are they wont be ruining my night. See you tonight(: 3y
  •   iv3tte @dinosauregg yeah don't let them get to you! 3y

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