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sdupreebemis If I look sleep deprived in the eyes it's because I am...but are my nails bitchin'? Yeah. Ok, so at least we got that going for us tonight. #whenimdeadillrest #orilldiebecauseigetnorest 4y
  •   sdupreebemis @mamma_swan haha whatever were still young!! 28 is the new 18! Our comics keep us young. I'm happy you like the music!! 4y
  •   poleninja13 Totally totally do!!! New fan! =) 4y
  •   heatherdarling I wish I looked as cute as you do when I'm tired Is your engagement ring a heart? 4y
  •   samesjc Ooooohhhh my!!! R u still with insomnia?? U must be so tired, but even like that, u never miss ur cuteness!! 4y
  •   ken.d.rick Your very pretty 4y
  •   ryanmay Love the AvX button!!!! X-men Better when!!!!! :D 4y
  •   sethtobinjewellers Congrats! @sdupreebemis ! Any songs about marriage? 4y
  •   xelahope Love your eyes. 4y

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