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24h jules__oc
Valencia Julie Hays
What I enjoy about experience, of age, of time passed.

The wisdoms from the struggles.
The grounding infused from self acceptance.
The physical limitations & miracles learned from pregnancy, childbirths, and nursing babies.

Awareness of 'being', from the energetic of living in a distraction-seeking, and numbing-of-feelings, state of mind, into surrendering to what "is", and then being able to stay in that place for a while, because it is life.

Knowing that the highs, the lows, the problems-
they're all temporary, illusions,
only as real and important as my perception of them.

Health, it's multi-dimensional and self-imposed, and no one but me is in charge of how that looks.

Only I can change anything about my physical state, though I glean, seek, and collate information from the top holistic practitioners and researchers, and data.

And that although most days my ego is "barely breathing", I still want to be in a peak condition, state of mind, and state of being.
Feeling beautiful with no makeup, all makeup, day old makeup,
in heels or sneakers...
I love that. ️Just some random thoughts out shopping :)
Back at Lululemon...
My daughter, who is my public relations manager, stylist, photographer & favorite little elf, said it was time to get new outfits, & shoes for training & the gym. :) So I'm celebrating my age, my weathering from the ups and downs of life, the beauty of understanding the deeper values of what it means to 'take care of' oneself.

Love your body and self in every stage it was in, for it gives you a reference point of appreciation for whatever you're wanting to create for it, inside and out.
Together, unified, it's priceless & ageless.

And I'm out to enjoy the 81 degree weather outside!
Love love love to all
  •   torres.fitness_is_proud2bfit That's my lady.....impressive as always @jules__oc 22h
  •   jules__oc @torres.fitness_is_proud2bfit ah! Thank you! That's so cute :) How are you doing out there in the desert? :) @specktrumglobal hi, thank you, are you sticking with your fitness plan out in the Middle East? :)20h
  •   jules__oc @_kurtis__ hey, that's the best idea, walking a pier at sunset, I haven't done that for years and I live near world-class piers and sunsets :) Thank you for that comment, it's much needed today. And I hope tomorrow finds you on the upswing of feeling better, getting healthy, and soon to find new motivation. Let me know how it goes, hang in there friend 20h
  •   torres.fitness_is_proud2bfit 🌞🌞🌞🌞Warming up here.....lol @jules__oc 20h
  •   specktrumglobal Golf tournament in M/E. Getting back on the fitness track. Looking forward to daily power yoga and hiking in WeHo over next couple of weeks :) @jules__oc 20h
  •   msanto320 Absolutely stunning 17h
  •   jules__oc ah, thank you :) @msanto320 15h
  •   alicewonderdls Cool! 5h

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"You wander from room to room
hunting for the diamond necklace
that is already around your neck"
Embrace the messiness wherever it is that you find it, surrender to the struggle, see the beauty in it, for it's part of you, part of your beauty, part of your unique perfection.

Messiness means a place for discovery and evolution.
It's okay, ...enjoy & relish in it.

A decade ago, I thought I had to fit in a certain box that would make me feel like I wasn't messy. If I had the big house, the cars, wasn't chubby anymore, looked like I fit in to what I saw made the other ones happy growing up in a very affluent place (OC). Well, once I had everything on the outside, life seemed even messier.
I was confused.
I still didn't feel like I fit in, because I didn't.
I wasn't meant to, I didn't embrace my mind, quiet soul, the fact that no matter how hard I tried I wouldn't be one to blend in to the background.

No matter how hard I tried not to stand out, I didn't accept the fact that I'm not meant to be a spectator in this life right now.

We all have different truths and journeys.

So for me, stopping the swim against the current was actually counterintuitive, I'm so used to the struggle that letting go was difficult.

Things take time, they take little steps, we dip our toes in, see how the water feels, go in a little deeper and keep going in.
And then just like going into a wave after lying in the warm sand on shore,
we find out that it's exhilarating & actually
easier to just go under the wave and feel the momentary chill.
We feel alive & refreshed when we come up for a breath.

Messy hair, words, the heart, life...
It's all temporary, love it all beautiful ones :) Love️🌞

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"Don't do what you want.
Do what you don't want.
Do what you're trained not to want.
Do the things that scare you the most." #chuckpalahniuk

So this meat...
This is what I buy for my daughter's
lunch at Wholefoods nearly every day. (I eat chicken & turkey, not fish due to allergies and not red meat, maybe once every couple of years I eat an in'n'out burger for fun)

Protein is the building block for what
makes us strong, shapely, defined, and makes our metabolism high.

If we do cardio more than a few times per week for longer than 40 min intervals, it's possible that can we can go catabolic, (start losing/burning the very muscle we should covet & want to hang on to without enough protein spaced throughout the day)

We don't want to neglect a little weight-bearing exercise for stronger bones, better functioning joints, and more fluidity of movement in your yoga, or activities you enjoy.

The more muscle you have, the more you can eat too :)
That's always a favorite benefit.

Anyway, I enjoy focusing on long term health, good energy that comes from food rather than powders or shakes, long-term aesthetic (yes, I still have a tiny bit of vanity in my zen being) ;), lower body fat to keep my metabolism high, feeling good on the inside, and a sparkly radiance one can't get from being unhappy, ungrateful, self-loathing, or from comparing oneself to others day in an day out.

Beauty is within, growth in that space is essential.

In order for the outside to blossom into something more than one could ever dream, we learn the ways to dwell in places of discomfort, personal responsibility, and coming from a place of love.

Is that too kooky for a Tuesday?
Love & hugs to you all,

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"Our real discoveries
come from chaos,
from going
to the place
that looks wrong
and stupid
and foolish". #chuckpalahciuk

So many discoveries...
Much chaos.
So many choices that were stupid and foolish.

Wouldn't it be nice to concede to the ups and downs, and spend time appreciating what it is we know now, & who we are today, perfect in all our "stupid" actions, and choices?

What I am,
is a human repeatedly stripped down my own doing.

Seeking more truths, being a purist in the pursuit of being both
nothing, and everything.

As time passes, becoming more raw, open, attuned to the inner workings of myself and others.

I love this gift.
It keeps me centered and off-center enough, to be present for my children, clients, loved ones, friends...and give them a
mirror of how wonderful, beautiful,
and perfect they are.


That's all.
:) I love you all & be healthy & happy today.

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"We can spend our lives
letting the world tell us
who we are.
Same or insane.
Saints or sex addicts.
Heroes or victims.
Letting history tell us how
good or bad
we are.
Letting our past decide our future.
Or we can decide for ourselves.
And maybe it's our job
to invent something better." #ChuckPalahniuk

Life is fascinating & it all comes back to love.

I'm going to the home gym supply store to get more fun things to train my mom, who is resisting being in a gym.

She wants to train on the patio outside with a view of the harbor & "full spectrum light".🌞 I'm on a mission to get her stronger & healthier...and therefore happier :)
  •   jules__oc I'm going to post the neck lift pic on my FB page because it's so funny @lauraloeschhornweaver @_kurtis__ it's julesfitOC 7d
  •   _kurtis__ Your welcome! I use it occasionally, most of the time like today when I'm traveling around. lol My boys deleted me off theirs which is ok! I probably don't want to know what they are up to! Hahahah I'll check it out! 7d
  •   _kurtis__ I just liked the page 7d
  •   josephoarthur . You are hilarious 7d
  •   _kurtis__ I never did see your neck lift last night! Lol 6d
  •   jules__oc Hahaha... I got it up there finally! :) I was trying to do it from my phone but Jadie logged me out of all my apps, so it was her FB account, her vine...etc. 😬 So I went & found my computer & did it on my MacBook. You made me laugh :) @_kurtis__ 6d
  •   _kurtis__ That's hilarious! Lol Were were i phones when we were young? The world was so much different huh? 6d
  •   _kurtis__ I'm glad I made you laugh! It's good for you! Lol 6d

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Happy Friday beautiful ones
This is the Cdm Highschool rally.

It's fun watching Jade & the talented
nice girls dance.

There was a contest about knowing the words to Young MC's, Bust a Move, I think I could do the whole song.

In my dreams I'd embarrass Jade and rap it in front of the school.

But, I'll settle for using it in my group workouts doing abs or something. :) It's like, do you ever feel like you're more than one person, in one person?
Not a personality disorder :) But, like, be a nerdy, intellectual, quiet, modest mom, & then this expressive, quirky, on-camera person who doesn't mind looking stupid and silly 1/3 of the time.

I embrace it.
We are who we are & it makes the world an interesting place.
Keep being your own quirky, wonderful, unique way of being today.

Try and eat well, get fresh air, sunshine, laugh at least once (all I had to do last night, is go waaaay back in my instagtam video, and it made me laugh watching Jade). I'm exhausted today from getting caught in a time warp doing that. 😬 Life is illusion, reality is only what we see based on feelings in a moment, or feelings from the past, but either way, it's supposed to be enjoyed my loves.

Not to be taken so seriously all the time, right? :) I like being able to talk to you in posts, ok, now I'm crazy

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jules__oc Follow @nutraxisintl & click the link
in their bio to enter to win
hundreds-of dollars worth,
of the one, anti-aging/beauty/immunity,
supplement I use every day & night, (and 100% can't live without."). It can't hurt to enter, and if you want a product that has results you can see and feel within days, this has a money back guarantee.

I'd give up all my "A quality vitamins", beauty secret foods, to make sure I don't run out of this.

It's changed my skin, joints, blood sugar stability, cravings, muscle endurance, makes my workouts more effective,....the list goes on.

I actually didn't realize how much it had done for me until I ran out of my supply.
When the marketing company's contract, who hired me to do commercials for this wonderful company in Canada, ended, I had to buy it on my own so I figured I didn't need it :) In two months, the kids noticed my skin was getting wrinkles, my knee was aching, my back & neck were stiff, I was craving sugar, my endurance went down, my body fat doubled, and I freaked out :) I will never let myself even get low on my supply.

Anyway, this stuff is the real deal. Sometimes we don't know how special things are, until they're gone XoJulie

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I like championing happiness, health, and fitness, for everyone, no matter what the life situation is.

Today I'm sharing a whole workout ensemble for $40 from Forever 21.

So, I like my $300 Stella Mcartney workout clothes I got at Equinox, which I showed a couple of days ago, but it's not in everyone's "friendly price range". Also of note, I have a less-cute, identical, version of this top from, Free People, that cost me $100 and I've never worn it because it doesn't fit as well as this one.

If you're looking for a few, new, pieces to buy yourself, your wife, your daughter, to start your 8-12 week dash to better health, improved quality of life, & bikini readiness,
I recommend these.

They also have the matching hot-yoga-style shorts, tanks, & zip up sweat shirts.

It's nice to look put-together, we deserve it :) I hope you have wonderful day
  •   troyofis @jules__oc : looks very cute on you. :) 7d
  •   jules__oc Why thank you :) But I didn't show the pants & they're great. I have to start posting on my YouTube again. :) @troyofis 7d
  •   troyofis @jules__oc : would love to see them & looking forward to connecting with you more when I move back to LA in May 7d
  •   specktrumglobal I'm buying 4 sets ;) @jules__oc 6d
  •   agymthing THE GYM IS MY LIFE, follow me if it is your life too 5d
  •   jules__oc No, the gym isn't my life. If it was, I'd be sad. There's so much more to life than being inside looking at myself & thinking about myself. I like the mind, quantum physics, uplifting others with higher consciousness that manifests in a beautiful outside & health @agymthing 5d
  •   jules__oc Haha... perfect :) @specktrumglobal 5d
  •   jules__oc @troyofis ️thank you, yes :) 5d

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The stronger our magnetism,
the more infallibly we
attract to ourselves
whatever we seek in life...
As a person evolves spiritually,
it becomes vitally important
for him to harbor thoughts that
are benign and uplifting.

For my negative thinking, he may
attract to himself, and to others,
the very things he fears for himself
and them.


So in this 90 degree, Palm Springs weather that we're having, let's all remind one another to pay attention to all the good things & people in our lives now, and those we want to invite in,

It begins with our thoughts, the good things we say to ourselves about us and others, seeing what good actions we can translate those thoughts into today.
It will bring about more happiness, more positive encounters with strangers and loved ones, more seemingly fortunate, "luck".
We are all on this life journey, cheer yourself and others on, it all comes back to you.

This is from a book that my BFF Dr. Barbara G, gave me a few years ago.
She called me "little Julie the truth seeker :)
The book is called "Awaken to Superconscious", by Swami Kriyananda.
And as deep as this all sounds, it translates into your physical body, health, strength, beauty.
I used all these philosophies of the mind, the quantum physics of the universe & applied them into beauty principles.

Our mind can transform our bodies. I still haven't published the 1st 3
books outlining how I blended it all together to change my health, body, and outer appearance.
It would be something I'd like to get to this year.

I'm just a nerd who can rock a bikini & wants to share how to do it the smarter, easier way
(Our minds :) Love, hugs & wear your SPF today!
  •   jules__oc @cynbeauwennekes11 Yay Cynthia! You're getting closer step by step to visiting California someday. ️When I vacation, I feel like everywhere I go is almost as wonderful as where I live. Always appreciating. PS I dream of snow...you get lots of that. My friend @_kurtis__ knows about my "snow envy" issues :) ️ Big hugs & talk soon beautiful lady! 1w
  •   jules__oc @aqualifeponds Really?! :) Dave you're doing so great, I'm proud of you! You know, my whole physical transformation philosophy is rooted in, my experience, belief, & knowing, that the arduous, worthy & noble work of rebuilding our foundation from the inside, is the key to having the outside follow suit. It is happening for you now because you walked into, & through, the hardest task, facing yourself. ️It's the hardest, & yet most life changing, spiritual journey. Your body will let go of resisting now too . thank you for sharing with me! I love it. Keep me posted 1w
  •   _kurtis__ You and your snow envy Julie, you crack me up. hahahaha I think if I didn't work in the career I do, I wouldn't mind it near as much. Maybe one day I'll be able to retire and enjoy the ski slopes! Lol. 1w
  •   jules__oc #Aspen I bet you'd love #steamboat #Colorado though. ️ The slopes, the town, the people, all wonderful & charming @_kurtis__ You have a great life and I'm sure your retirement will be in just the right place 1w
  •   _kurtis__ I've been to Estes Park and up into Rocky Mountain national park before. But in the late summer. I was floored by the shear beauty. However I'll never be able to enjoy the winter months for quite some time. My son went up to Afton Minnesota last month to snow board. He would love Aspen as I would. I bet you could take a million photographs and Id be in awe with every one of them 1w
  •   aqualifeponds @jules__oc Thanks Jules. That means a lot. It's stuff I need to hear, so thank you :) 1w
  •   thedroneu Good shot! 1w
  •   jules__oc @thedroneu Thank you! I think a drone shot from above would have looked even better :)1w

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