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X-Pro II alexsollitto
  •   brittanymichelle6 Love you. *hugs* 4y
  •   shineonmyfriend I am giving you the biggest possible virtual hug right now. I love you and miss you <3 4y
  •   alexsollitto Wow, this was a fucking incoherent mess. Which I suppose is accurate to how I've been feeling today. And that picture is awful and looks feigned, but I swear, this is the most lively, breathtaking mental/emotional roller coaster I've been on in a while. I need to go back to NHT before the 24th. I NEED to. I also need to start working on this project that I've wanted to do for a long time now, but never bothered to actually start working on. I can't do it alone, though... But I CAN do it. I know I can now. I have no reason not to. It's the one thing that will really give me a sense of importance, a voice, a mind worth having. I just don't know how to get there... I have no clue where to start. I need more freedom and independence to do this on my own--without my parents breathing down my neck, I mean. I want to make a contribution to the human mind, a mind other than my own. 4y
  •   alexsollitto This isn't a bad thing, guys--it's a BEAUTIFUL thing. I feel as though ive just discovered the key to the universe, and now I need to make something of it, decode the map, find my way to the door, and let myself into the palace... I want to start now so badly. 4y
  •   rzisek1 This catharsis, this outpouring of pure emotion just made me stop everything. I wish I could give you the freedom you need to pursue this project. It is not something that you WANT to do but something you NEED to do. Remember this moment, this feeling, this epiphany and let it propel you from any dark moments that lurk ahead. You are so special and have so much to say and give. You can do anything and you can change lives...you've already changed mine. <3 love you. 4y
  •   brittanymichelle6 I second everything @carnivalcrown just said. <333 4y

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