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atul.sarpotdar Wildflower

Untouched, by human hands
it grows strongly.
Uncultivated, by human means
it exists freely.
Untainted, by human instruments
it lives purely.
To its very core,
it embodies originality. 
To its deepest roots,
it remains unrestrained. 
To its brightest petals,
it emanates splendor.
Untouched, by social influence,
she grows strongly.
Uncultivated, by social expectations,
she exists freely.
Untainted, by social conformity,
she lives purely.
To her very core, 
she seizes independence. 
To her deepest roots,
she wanders uncontrolled. 
To her brightest petals, 
she radiates beauty.

By Kayla (from hellopoetry)

#wildflower #naturelovers
#konkan #ig_konkan #nature_photography #flowerphotography

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