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styleshousehold OKAY. JUST STOP. Stop whatever it is your doing and go follow @rahelynxostyles! Do it. Now. She's freaking gorgeous. Knows what's up. Especially about one direction. You love them right? And you love 1D ig accounts,so get your ass over to @rahelynxostyles pageeee and folllllow!!! GO. NOW. It's not like you can regret it or anything. Cause it's frikkin amazing! Idk how she doesn't already have thousands of followers. Ugh. Hahaha. LOVE YOU MORE THAN I ALREADY DID IF YOU FOLLOW!!! Like that means anything to you haaaa. **Lemme know on here if you followed and maybe I'll shout you outttt. BUT FOLLOW RAH FIRST! LOVE YOU BABY GIRL<3<3 4y

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