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Normal Rebecca Minter

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cfooody629 I wouldn't be a basic white girl if I didn't insta at least one of those fancy pics looking up at my building #newyorkplaza 4mon
  •   51ytbabe 4mon
  •   vgalbo Yo you living in hoboken?! I've been here since October. I'm actually living with Scotty P. 4mon
  •   cfooody629 @vgalbo awesome bumping into you! Not yet, but the goal is to move there in a few months. And hahahah no way #dryhumor 4mon

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julianwashingtonjq As I take a late-nite walk thru the town I begin to think about us.

How far we've come, and also the things that set us back.

I walk the same streets as I did ten years ago, and I think of all my goals.

The same streets I made them.

I think about the video that gathered 2,000 of my towns views about us becoming more.

Then it all makes sense to me.

You can never forget where you come from, because I might be passing someone like myself ten years ago this very night who has bigger dreams than I did.

Always help your neighbor.

My town could either place balloons on your back, or put anchors on your feet.

Somehow, I became the blessed one.

I love you Pottstown.

Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for being more than another statistic.

Where I'm from... Not many people see the light.

Follow my steps,
The road to success is achievable.

As my light begins to fade in my years, let yours begin to shine.

One day you'll remember some kid from the back blocks of Pottstown made it to Hollywood.

You will too.
Someday... Official:
Julian "JQ" Washington.


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katietrainsalot 5am sunrise adventure walk #NewYorkPlaza you an take the girl out of the valleys but not the valleys out of the girl 5mon

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1_cafe_e_a_conta Começar o dia numa Cafeteria dessas em Budapeste é mais que tomar Café... É uma lembrança para a vida toda! Esta experiência foi da @alexandratranson que pediu um Café no Fovárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtar. #NewYorkPlaza #NewYorkPalaceHotel Seus CAFÉS INESQUECÍVEIS também poderão fazer parte desta galeria. Marque #1_cafe 6mon

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Normal Emma Higginbottom
emmahigginb #newyorkplaza my hotel - as if! 6mon

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mua.fifi Afternoon tea at the plaza! (so I've learn't people don't dress up for tea like we do) #theplaza #newyorkplaza #newyork #nyc #afternoontea 6mon

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