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champagnesmitty If you have a #soundcloud account go follow and listen to and download the mixtape #NeuGirlOrder by @djneugirl 4y
  •   champagnesmitty @djneugirl Ira actually pretty good. You mixed some newer, unknown to me artist, very well with the more poplar ones. I really dig that. Definitely gonna look forward to your next one though. 4y
  •   djneugirl  check out vid by IGGY AZALEA called PU$$Y on YouTube. I think u'll like!!!  4y
  •   champagnesmitty The flow is crazy!!! Imma a fan now. The visuals are on point too. Love that she's having fun too. "so many bitches under me I'm looking like a christmas tree..." @djneugirl 4y
  •   djneugirl That's pussy 2x. Did u see PU$$Y her latest video she leaked. Edited version drops sept 1st. 4y
  •   champagnesmitty Yeah. Thats a really well put together video. The Boomerang clip was dope. Is she touring over there? (Australia) @djneugirl 4y
  •   indienationblog Sweet! 5mon
  •   l_b0 Thats Dope! 5mon
  •   carlossolisjr 5mon

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