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tqp52 #repost @thetruthmayscareyou2 America wakeup. Moves are being made to take our rights and freedoms everyday. #beprepared #martiallaw #patriotact #jadehelm15 #nwo #ndaa #cispa #femacamps #agenda21 #prepper #illuminaticards 6h

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  •   gundulf_grey It looks like chicago has some of the most, did u hear about the chicago police black site? Its very interesting, also, i live in chicago... 8h
  •   gundulf_grey Its scarry, i live in Chicago. 8h
  •   luthmoney Looks like they don't want to fuck with NC 7h

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xd1v3r9entx 3/26/15 three laws widely criticized by the opposition & human rights groups were approved in Spanish Congress. The Penal Code, the new Anti-Terror Law & the Law on Citizen Safety. The three new texts challenge freedom of expression in the streets & on the Internet. All three laws are scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2015. Anti-Terrorism Law

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, Partido Popular & PSOE reached an agreement to amend the criminal code on terrorism which was also approved 3/26/15 in Congress. The law again contains some vague language which leaves room for interpretation.

The new law uses a broad definition of “terrorism”: Among other things, cybercrime is now considered a terrorist act if the goal is to disrupt & disturb the public peace or cause a state of terror. For example, an attack on a Ministry website will now be a terrorist attack.

Viewing web pages with content targeted for or deemed as “suitable for terrorists” in a habitual manner can carry a penalty of two to five years in prison, but the law does not specify what is “habitual” or which websites are being targeted.

Blocking content: The judge may order any service provider (search engines, etc.) to remove links to illegal content related to "terrorism". #spain #1984 #darkages #freedom #Censorship #internetwars #nwo #dictatorship #madrid

Like our #PatriotAct & #NDAA @lothario_lawson

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  •   infiniteoutlaw Folks need to learn what that title of citizen is about (14th amendment) 2d
  •   adyb11 @liammaguire999 !!!!!!!! 2d
  •   liammaguire999 @adyb11 - that resolution to gain control of everything aswel!!! Mate our equivakebt is the terrorism act. Its slowly creeping into everything. Taki g away rights to protest. Watch 'taking liberties' if havnt seen it already. Its amazing. We need to get into local politics mate. Me you and @n33dsy - start busting moves to the top 2d
  •   flozthx Y'all seen this about Tate murders false flag? http://mileswmathis.com/tate.pdf @elliotrodgertruth it's a long read but pretty good 2d

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