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iheartnailart03 My last and final review for the stamping nailpolishes sent to me from Daisy @bornprettynailart The Product ID for this is #22322 (Black) #22320 (Gold) which is available for purchase from www.bornprettystore.com @bornprettystore →→There is a wide variety of colours available on the website.
To begin with the nail polishes had arrived in a very secure package so international buyers don't need to worry about the nailpolishes getting damaged.Also as you can see how well this stampingpolish allows me to stamp plus all the details are seen and it dries very quickly too.

I have stamped images from BPS 04 and BPS 06 and both the plates are amazing and were fun to play it while doing this review. (These were not sent for review I ready purchased them few months ago)

You can use my coupon code to avail a discount of 10% on any original priced items.


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jessiedoesnails "Fall Colors" for #clairestelle8oct - how gorgeous is this @ilnpbrand polish?! I'm obsessed with it! It was hard putting down my neons, but I think I'm ready to embrace these fall colors now.
Used products from: @ilnpbrand @mpolishes @loveangelinepolish @bornprettystore @uberchicbeauty
  •   dorisylhow These are gorgeous 2h
  •   jessiedoesnails @lacqaholic I can't wait for your fall designs! 2h
  •   jessiedoesnails @safirasays it wasn't quick - but the urbermat speeds things up and makes it a bit easier. thank you! 2h
  •   jessiedoesnails @dorisylhow you're so sweet - thank you! 2h
  •   safirasays @jessiedoesnails i really want an ubermat but trying to find a UK stockist that has one in stock. Have you found it really useful? X 38min
  •   jessiedoesnails @safirasays I have found it VERY useful -- that being said, it's basically a baking mat or Silpat (brand name). Unsure if it's called something else in the UK - but it's just one of those with nail templates on it. The templates are cute, but not particularly necessary. You could totally do a DIY version!! 36min
  •   safirasays @jessiedoesnails ok that's helpful. At the mo i paint on paper to practice so this would be ideal and would be so useful for creating decals. I will have another look online or if not, will try to make a diy version :) 34min
  •   jessiedoesnails @safirasays I just sent you a DM, daaahling 29min

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theclawdiaries the month of the #jackolantern has arrived! here, fall means a lack of boiling inside your skin, so I welcome it heartily. I used striping tape to shape the eye triangles and cut a chevron vinyl in half for the mouth.
Cirque - Sun Dog and Alter Ego
Essie - Licorice

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