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luckyladywren My very first poached egg. Next master chef. #foodporn #conqueringthekitchen #egg #mykitchennemisis 2y
  •   josheatsworld Looks sooo good! Great shot! 2y
  •   luckyladywren Thanks @jm4tro @onepennie are you being serious queen rang or are you making fun of me? I can not teeelllllll haha 2y
  •   josheatsworld You're welcome 2y
  •   onepennie No im actually serious, I can't cook a fucking poached egg 2y
  •   luckyladywren Haha oooh you crack me up! Don't feel bad I never had til today hehe k all I did was bring the water to a simmer, I didn't have any vinegar so I used lemon squeeze haha bout a table spoon then you crack an egg into a mug or a bowl first then slip it into the water. I didn't worry bout swirling the water or any of that crap! Left it for like 3-5 min can't remember haha voila!! 2y
  •   onepennie Brilliant ! Will try tomorrow 2y
  •   luckyladywren Keep me posted ! Hehe @onepennie 2y

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