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fitbodylife 6 minute asskicking fat burning heart pounding HIIT

How to:
Do each exercise as fast as you can for 20 seconds.
Rest for 10 seconds then do next exercise for 20 seconds

Rest for 10 seconds. Then do the last exercise for 20 seconds.
Congratulations you've just completed 1 set!!! Do that 3 more times!! Total of 6 minutes

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fitbodysocial A great at home exercise. Jumping plank works your whole body. Utilize tabata for this exercise and you'll burn fat like its gasoline. Tabata is 8 sets. Each set is 20 secs work 10 secs rest. Do that 8 times nonstop. 3w

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crisknb El antes y el después de mi cliente @Youssefasaaddaher donde podemos ver meses de constancia, dedicación, esfuerzo, sacrificios, entrenamiento duro y mucha DIETA, todavía nos falta dar algunos retoques #PuntoFijo #Falcon #inspire #inspiration #body #like4like #cardio #abs #abbs #abdominales #fitness #gym #gymbody #guyswithmuscles #muscle #motivation #myfitbodylife #exercise #evolution #trainhard #tonet #health #sixpack #sinfiltro #striations #diet #disciplina #Venezuela 1mon

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carlitos_wey1 Just had a less then a cup of brown rice though out the day and a dam rice cake as a snack.. feel very weak #myfitbodylife but I trust his knowledge #lowcarbday #fitness 1mon

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Slumber Carlos Rodriguez
carlitos_wey1 #tbt take me back!! Back when I was #Focus on my #goals need to get back on track!! #toughmudder4 #myfitbodylife @fitbodylife 1mon

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carlitos_wey1 Get me back on track bro!! @fitbodylife the weekend meal plan. #bacon #eggwhites I am strong to the finish cuz I eat my #spinach lol #myfitbodylife 1mon

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fitbodylife #motivationmondays
Enter to Win a 12 Week FlexFit One on One online coaching program!

There will be only two winners. One male. One female.

Post your best double bicep pose. Please follow all the rules. If all rules are not followed, you may be disqualified


1. You must write on the photo @fitbodylife and #flexfit
2. Tag both @fitbodylife and #flexfitcontest in your comments
3. Tell us what is your favorite arm exercise
4. Contest ends Friday Feb 20, 2015 at 11:59PM PST

Winner will be chosen by Sunday Feb 22

Must be 18 years or older
Must reside on planet earth
No purchase necessary

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Normal Khoi FitBodyLife

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fitbodylife "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." I excited and proud to introduce the All New FitBodyLife FlexFit Program. This has been a year in the making with a lot of tears and blood into it. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and analyzing data from my clinical practice the past 3 years. With over 1500 clients as data, I’ve gained a lot of data and knowledge that I’ve used in creating my new program, FitBodyLife FlexFit. What makes me so excited about this program is that it’s based some really cool new studies published recently within the past few years. As in the name implies, it’s about being Flexible. There some people that love the discipline and order of a structured meal plan. Then there are some that are free birds and their brains don’t like structure whatsoever. To make it more flexible, I’ve created some awesome powerful tools.
As in the name implies, it’s about being Flexible. There some people that love the discipline and order of a structured meal plan. Then there are some that are free birds and their brains don’t like structure whatsoever. To make it more flexible, I’ve created some awesome powerful tools.

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Normal Khoi FitBodyLife
fitbodylife It’s a little over a month since you started your New Year’s Resolution. How’s your progress been? Are you still doing it or have you thrown in the towel?

Let me help you achieve your goals faster than ever through my clinically proven program that has helped over 3500 people worldwide. My program focuses on efficient training and science based nutrition. I have different programs depending on what your goals are: Fat loss, muscle development or dietary guidelines tailored to your medical condition: Pregancy, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, bone disease, diabetes and digestive disorders.

I’ve been working hard to bring you some of the coolest tools that no one else has to help you achieve your goals and optimal health. You’ll have access to the new fitness social community i’ve developed to give you support and knowledge needed to succeed. There are some really cool features such as personal goal manager to track your micro and macro goals. Remember how I said setting micro & macro goals make it easier for you to succeed? Well I’ve developed a tool to help you. Plus you’ll be able to access thousands of recipes that are a match for you and your program I’ve designed. Allergic to something? It’ll give you recipes that don’t contain that item.

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fitbodylife Did you just eat enough to feed a village at your Super Bowl party? Don't worry it won't ruin your progress or gains. Don't guilt & shame yourself for one day of eating.
All that food you ate probably won't even make you gain a pound of real weight. Why? To gain a pound of weight you need to eat 3500 calories. That's a lot of food. Remember that's 3500 calories on top of your daily requirements.
You may think you've gained weight tomorrow when you wake up; feel heavy and bloated with guilt on your shoulders. There's good news! The extra weight you feel and gained is simply & mostly water weight. Where does all that water weight come from?
The extra sodium you ate, the undigested food, and extra carbs you ate. For every 1 gram of carb you retain 3 g of water. You could easily eat 200g of chips like I do. That's 600g of water. 600 grams equals 21.2 ounces. 16 ounces equals 1 pound. So eating those chips alone is 1.3 lbs In water retention.
Luckily in a day or two after Super Bowl, your body will go back to homeostasis and the water weight will dissipate. All will be good & normal again.

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fitbodylife This is the logo I've come up with for the new social fitness platform I'm not a very artistic or right brained person. I'd love to get your input and thoughts.
Do you like it? Hate it? Indifferent?
Here's what my vision was when I came up with this:

Two figurines helping the main figurine as they hold up barbell.
Represents social/community aspect of fitness.
Shield represents strength
The rising sun in the shield represents a coming a new dawn

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fitbodylife #motivationmonday - #shoutout to my client Jake for killin it the past 6 weeks on my program. He obliterated 12 pounds in 6 of the hardest weeks of the year. Even with hectic holiday travel and ample food temptation, jake was still able to stay focused & motivated.
Jake's girlfriend, @reagan__blackwood, is also doing the program with him. Reagan has done a phenomenal job losing a couple of inches around her waist and thighs, two of the hardest areas for women.
I think one of the the biggest factors Jake and Reagan were able to stay focused was because of the support system they have for each other.
Keep kickin butt you two!
  •   fitbodylife Getting proper & necessary support is often forgotten and most often not a focal point in a person's fitness journey. Getting into shape is mostly about mental reconditioning whether you're 250 lbs 10% body fat or 250 lbs 55% bf. For some it's more of a factor than others. To tackle tie mental aspect of getting into shape we need three things:

    1. Good support and motivation system. Start with the people closest to you. Doesn't have to be geographically.
    2. A realistic, attainable list of micro & macro goals. The
    number two reason why less than 9% of people achieve their fitness New Years Resolutions: no clear plan or guidance; unrealistic goals that end up discouraging you.
    3. Find the answers to the Fit Body Life's 3 W's of Fat Loss:

    In order to sustain your fitness accomplishments, you must find the root of the problem. And that root is your psychology. Your psychology with food. Your psychology wifi yourself. **WHAT: causes you be derailed? causes you to turn to food for comfort causes you to eat the whole box of outburst fruit Popsicles instead of 1 or 2 **WHY: this is the most difficult question. It can something as simple as a self esteem issue to deep rooted childhood abuse. **WHEN: this is the easiest to answer by simply keeping a food/fitness journal. Some of us crack late at night while others in the middle of the day at the office.
    I'm not saying you're going to find all the answers to the 3 W's in my 18 week program. But if you continue trying to find those answers during your fitness journey, your positive results will begin to be retained longer & longer.
    These are the core reasons I've been working tirelessly the past 3-4 months to bring you a set of tools that will help you achieve & sustain your new Fit Body Life 2mon
  •   reagan_blackwood Thanks Khoi! We are excited for the next 6 weeks and to see even more progress! 2mon
  •   thefitfiend Love it! 2mon

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Normal Khoi FitBodyLife
fitbodylife Day is half over. Probably pulling your hair out like I am but we can't give up! Been up 32 hours trying to integrate several different software packages for our new fitsocial network. Every time we've hit a roadblock I want to throw in the towel. Unfortunately my type a personality won't let me. Hence that's why I'm awake coding away while my developers sleep.

Even if you have to start all over again like I have time & time again don't give up on yourself!
  •   aleja_casillas @joeana21 tru dat 2mon
  •   makemoneywithjus Nice page.. Follow back :) 2mon
  •   cynthiaannlou This graphic is so true - I'm amazed at the difference I've made in just under a year. You helped me break through plateaus I didn't know could be broken so quickly. I laugh at my pics from last May when I thought I had muscles, Aww that's cute. And I know exactly how burning that midnight oil can be, good luck! 2mon
  •   fitbodylife @cynthiaannlou so proud of uoy thank you for the kind words 2mon
  •   grantgoddess You never lose the experience you gained. Nice post. Thanks! 2mon
  •   dariajlegagneur Great profile! Would love to connect. Check my bio, if you like the value you see, comment, like and share, thanks! 2mon

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Normal Khoi FitBodyLife
fitbodylife Many of us are prepping our meals for the week. Like many of you I have couple of packages of eggs from Costco.
Want to know which eggs are fresher? Get a glass of water and drop an egg in. The higher it floats the older they are.

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fitbodylife i can barely keep my eyes open.  my fingers are sore. my brain is so fried i can’t even see clearly.  this is my second design since i started building the new fit body life social network.  just wanted to give you a sneak peek of the recipe engine.
Just some of the things my recipe engine can do:

1.  If you’re on my program, you’ll be receiving your meal plans here
2. Access to over 100,000 recipes searchable by:
a.prep time & cook time
b.  Degree of difficulty
c.  meal type (i.e. breakfast)
d.  course
e.preference (vegen, gluten free, etc)

in addition to the recipe, you’ll get exact nutritional data, shopping list.  you can put together a whole week’s worth of recipes then have it give you the week’s grocery list.
This makes getting in shape and staying in shape for the long term so much easier because you’re not starving yourself.

If you’d like to know more about my program, please visit my site at myfitbodylife.com

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Normal Khoi FitBodyLife
fitbodylife Researchers at Pennsylvania State University put 45 healthy but overweight adults between the ages of 21 and 70 on one of three diets designed to lower cholesterol. One was a lower-fat diet; the other two were moderate-fat diets. However, the two moderate-fat diets had one major difference: One included the daily consumption of one Hass avocado.

Here’s where the avocado really shined: All three diets lowered subjects’ cholesterol, but the avocado diet performed the best of the group. The avocado diet lowered LDL cholesterol by 13.5 milligrams per deciliter; the other moderate-fat diet caused a drop of only 8.3 milligrams per deciliter, and the low-fat diet resulted in a drop of 7.4 milligrams per deciliter.

One of the professors in charge of the study, however, did say: “This was a controlled feeding study, but that is not the real world—so it is more of a proof-of-concept investigation.” It’s enough proof for us. Time to grab some more guac.

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fitbodylife I'm so excited that I can't keep it contained. I've been buried into coding several new apps. The biggest one is the All New My Fit Body Life app.
ALL Features:
#Access to Hundreds of workouts programs based on your goals & amount of time you have to workout. Whether you have 10 or 45 minutes to workout there's a program for you.
# All new nutrition capabilities. I've combined my other app
MyFBL Meals to make it more convenient for you.
You'll be able to track your meals and see if you're over or under your daily calories.
Have to eat out? No problem. The app will show you restaurants around you. It will show you the nutritional info of food served at the restaurant.
Ever wonder how many calories are in tie colossal custom chipotle burrito you want? Use the all food calculator and build that burrito condiment by condiment to see exactly how many calories and macros you're eating.
# Get rewarded for working out! I've teamed up with mpoints rewards to help encourage you to exercise. Every time you workout, log a meal or interact with other users you'll earn mpoints. Those mpoints can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise. Not you don't have an excuse not to be active!

# All new recipe section
In addition to hundreds of recipes I've added a feature where you can search for recipes based on what you have in your fridge.
Only have ground beef, bell peppers and potatoes? The app will show you delicious recipes based on what you have.
There are so many more features
In the app I don't want to give it all away until I'm done developing it.
On that note, I'm looking for 20 beta testers for my apps. If you're interested in becoming a beta tester please DM me.
I'm developing this app singlehandedly so your input is valuable.
Oh and how much does the app cost?

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fitbodylife Like everyone else I have cravings for sweets. I have a really bad sweet tooth but knowing the science of how my body reacts, process, and utilizes sugar i now can eat whatever I want at the right time.

Christmas is a few days away and there is going to be a bunch of things you’ll want to get your hands on. I think this article I’ve written will also help you once you understand your cravings.

Cravings are both behavioral and biochemical and learning how to stop cravings requires understanding both. First, it is useful to distinguish what we mean by a craving. Where as hunger is felt in the gut, cravings are felt in the head. You can be stuffed in the gut, but still have cravings for food in the head.

Have you ever eaten a full meal and felt stuffed, but still had an unrelenting urge to get dessert? That’s a craving. What about eating when you are bored? That’s a craving too.

The science of cravings

Cravings develop out of an expectation or “want” in the brain and are associated with the primitive reward centers of our brains. You can think of us humans as having one brain, but two minds. One of our minds is the unconscious mind that is driven by habit, routine and the avoidance of pain as well as the seeking of pleasure. The other mind is the conscious mind that is driven by logic, is goal oriented and directive.

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