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31min evangelineld
Normal Evangeline Dowling

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48min doreen_gwen
Walden Doreen Seymour
  •   denamarie714 Hey you! Was just wondering when you were gonna post again. New job still going well? 1h
  •   minorgrammer @denamarie714 Yeah, I've been busy! I've worked a ton the last few days for a couple new accounts I've been setting up, so IG unfortunately takes a back seat. Lol. Thanks for checking on me! Everything going good with you? I need to take the camera downtown one night soon, I'm having downtown photo withdrawal. lol 48min
  •   denamarie714 Aww I bet. That's a hard view to not see after seeing it every day, I bet. Glad it's going well. Busy is good. 47min
  •   cincyphil I'm with Dena, I miss seeing your posts every day! 26min
  •   minorgrammer @denamarie714 @cincyphil Thanks peeps! 4min

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Normal Agnete Fischer

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mjhaggerty As long as we keep getting clear skies, I might as well get some use out of this camera. I can sleep when it's cloudy!
#aurora #mybackyard #alaska #eastmackeylake #kenaipeninsula #itsnoteasyseeinggreen #nightsky #northernlights #longexposure #stars

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karisaevdokimoffart There is a magical place

Where the radiance of the city dissipates

And the running rapids meet the wild ocean

A unique landscape with immense beauty

Salmon, in abundance

Coming home every two years

Life's natural cycle

Never ending
The eagles soar, carrying no weight on their wings

A soft symphony
A language I cannot comprehend
When the world is sleeping

Lights, from the ocean floor to the skies above

One million glimmers of life

Of light, emerge

With every movement of my body

Magic is made

Always here and always wild

Is the Indian Arm

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Amaro Trinity Love ♚

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Video Red Bull Australia
redbullau @russhenshaw has been busy over the winter. Here's a little preview of what's to come. Russ Henshaw: #mybackyard 5h

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charismcawesome Our resident Long Fin Eel in the stream at the bottom of our yard coming in for his afternoon feed #TeAwamutu #MyBackyard 6h

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natalie_opal "I know you think the world is too dark to dream in color but I've seen flowers bloom at midnight. I've seen kites fly in gray skies and they were real close to looking like the sunrise, and sometimes it takes the most wounded wings the most broken things to notice how strong the breeze is, how precious the flight.. The moon is a kite attached to a string that's held by your mother and I promise she's coming back soon." ----------------#andreagibson #poem #accidentalphoto #mine #mybackyard #sandiego #moon #over #city #stayherewithme #hope 6h

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