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Normal Servants of الله Two Reverts
heart.of.ease Seven Qualities that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala loves us for.

1) Repentance.

Allah says: Truly Allah loves those who turn to Him in repentance. [Quran 2:222]

Repentance is a form of detoxification – Sincere repentance cleanses and beautifies our faith.

We all commit sins but Allah loves those who after committing sins, seek forgiveness with deep sorrow and regret.

This is the only way by which the past can be set right. Allah has a concern for those He loves, therefore each time we slip and relapse into the abyss of desires and sincerely repent, He leads us out of it to the summit of forgiveness and further relieves us of hardship and provides for us.

2) Purification.

Allah says:“Allah loves those who purify themselves.” [Quran 2: 222]

This is the external purification. The secret to this is performing the acts with the intention of pleasing Allah and following the way of the Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam.
The removal of filth from the body by performing wudu’ (ablution) and ghusl (ritual bath) and removal of filth from the garment, body and place of prayer. They are acts that purify the body and radiate the Imaan. It is a means by which Almighty Allah will wipe out our sins and raise our ranks. Note that we should not waste water when cleaning ourselves or washing for prayer.

3) Piety.

Allah says: Surely, Allah loves the pious. [Al-Quraan 9:4]

The fear of Allah is the source of a pure soul – it is born out of love and obedience. Thus, a pious person is constantly driven to do good only.

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  •   heart.of.ease 3) Arrogance.

    Allah says: Verily, Allah likes not any arrogant boaster [Quran 31:18]

    Being arrogant and boastful are a deadly combination –beauty, knowledge, wealth and noble lineage should be taken as gifts from Almighty Allah and one should be humble and grateful for them rather than make them a means of pride and oppression.

    Servants of Allah cannot be true to themselves as long as they are flattering themselves, walking in an arrogant manner and looking down on people who are inferior to them and not mix with them.

    The one who is arrogant in this world will be disgraced on the Day of Judgment.

    Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said: The arrogant will be gathered on the Day of Judgment in the form of small ants. Humiliation will surround them from everywhere. [Tirmidhi]

    4) Transgression.

    Allah says: Verily, Allah does not like the transgressors. [Quran 5: 87]

    Human characteristics have limitations, which if surpassed would be transgression and if one falls short of it, it would be a defect – for example, generosity has a limitation, when surpassed, it becomes extravagance, when courage is surpassed, it becomes rashness. When Ibadah (worship) is surpassed, one falls into the risk of adopting Bid’ah.

    Some of the Companions almost fell into this trap when one of them said, I will not eat meat, another said, I will not marry women, while the third said, I will not sleep on the bed. When the Prophet (SAW) heard these statements, he said, What is the matter with some people who said such and such? I fast and break the fast, sleep and wake to stand to pray, eat meat, and marry women. He who is not pleased with my Sunnah is not with me. [Al- Bukhari]

    Continued 8min
  •   heart.of.ease Therefore, moderation is the best way to deal with all matters – it is not to exaggerate and make it hard for ourselves by prohibiting the permissible things. And not to transgress the limits by excessively indulging in the permissible matters but rather we should only use what satisfies our need and not fall into extravagance.

    5) Evil, wrongdoing.

    Allah says: And Allah does not like the oppressors, polytheists and wrong doers. [Quran 3:57]

    This is a reprehensible trait whose existence spoils the Imaan and darkens the heart. The wrongdoers are those who have chosen the tempting transient life instead of the hereafter.

    All acts of wrongdoing such as stealing, breach of trust, embezzlement, usurping the rights of others, and bribery, have serious consequences in the hereafter.
    The Beloved Prophet (SAW) said: Almighty Allah says: O my servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have made it forbidden among you. Therefore, do not commit oppression. [Muslim]

    6) Treachery.

    Allah says: Certainly, Allah likes not the treacherous. [Quran 8: 58]

    The treacherous one is two-faced and inconsistent in words and deeds. Acts of treachery lead to betrayal, disloyalty, perfidy, deception and hypocrisy which in turn destroy our faith.

    7) Mischief-making.

    Allah says: And Allah does not like the mufsidun (mischief makers. [Quran 5: 64]

    Continued 5min
  •   heart.of.ease This is a comprehensive term which includes great crimes, sins, oppression, carrying false tales, hypocrisy, tyranny and all kinds of mischief. All these acts are despicable and stain the Imaan

    May Allah Azzawajal guide us to what He loves and Protect us from what He hates. Ameen.
    - Umar 5min

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6min muzzet_
Video محمد Mustidar الصبور ️ Muzzet
muzzet_ 42:19. Allah Maha lembut terhadap hamba-hamba-Nya; Dia memberi rizki kepada yang dikehendaki-Nya dan Dialah Yang Maha Kuat lagi Maha Perkasa. 6min

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Normal Bangkit Prabowo
prabowobangkit Tanamkan suatu perbuatan dan tuailah suatu kebiasaan
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6min dakwahjawi
Normal Dakwah Jawi
dakwahjawi Jajal saiki mesem ro jejermu . "Sampaikan kebaikan meski hanya satu ayat"

Monggo lur difollow @dakwahjawi
Inshaallah manfaat donya & akhirat. Gratis tis 😇 Tag koncomu supoyo kabecikan ora mandeg-mandeg

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Yuk~ lisannya lebih dijaga ^^
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Normal Thika Jannati
thikadestiani Polkadot identik dng @indadari di situ ada polkadot di situ pula ada indadari,hihihi,barakallahu fiikum ya sholeha,syukran gamis Jannati sll di pake buat dakwah,smg berkah nemenin kamu dlm beraktifitas khususnya berdakwah menebar keindahan ISLAM yg masya Allah.. #hijrah #muslim #syari #gamis #khimar #hijab #testimonial #testi #polkadot #moslem 9min

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