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  •   mzcrystal Girl your an addict 3y
  •   mzcrystal @britt_pope did you watch the other video asking all them questions making statements assuming lmao so funny 3y
  •   diane_belmont Yessss!! They are hilarious lol 3y
  •   mzcrystal @britt_pope I can watch them everyday I swear it the funniest stuff ever I must admit I like their homemade videos a lil better than that new one idk why 3y
  •   diane_belmont @mzcrystal wtf is Kankelon 3y
  •   mzcrystal @britt_pope it's some cheap synthetic hair that cost like .99 cents to 5 bucks usually used to do braids it look like a afro mostly 3y

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