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ttm650 Steve Rogers signed 4/4 in about a year! #ttmsuccess #autograph #baseball #montrealexpos 2h

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matricher Québec est une ville de balle, no doubt, mais jamais autant que Montréal. Bring back the Expos, Denis!! #baseball #mlb #thekid #catcher #capitalesdequebec #expos #montrealexpos #sportium #sport #art #painting 6h

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jkfitzpatrickfitness ****Proud Coach Post**** We have had a lot of great things happen to Crush It Fitness, our coaches, and for Kim and I since we started this journey.

But recognizing our coaches for accomplishments in their business is one of our favourite things, and especially when we get to recognize amazing people like Daylene Douglas!

Congratulations Daylene, you are officially an Emerald Beachbody Coach and Kim and I are super proud of you!!!! This amazing Mom of two awesome boys is so determined to help people with their wellness journey and is equally determined to helping her family!

It took Daylene a few months to say yes to the opportunity but when you see such huge potential in someone you never give up on them!
You are incredibly inspiring Daylene, and we know this is just the beginning for you on this journey.

Please help us congratulate her and please show Daylene some love! ️ Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!!!!

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jkfitzpatrickfitness Please help give Kim and I give a huge congratulations to this absolute Rockstar in the making Brandi Campbell!

She decided to become a coach about 2 weeks ago and has already advanced her business to that of an Emerald rank! It was a goal she wanted to hit before heading on a vacation with her husband James and their beautiful family. Boom! Done!

I said it when I introduced her and I'll say it again, Brandi is going to help SO MANY people with their wellness and fitness goals. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle is evident, and you are an awesome example for people and will be a great mentor!
Congrats, we are very excited for you. If you know Brandi please show her some love!

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jkfitzpatrickfitness Do I have downtime? Yes, it's with my family. Love it, cherish it, squeeze every minute in I can, but... I saw 4AM this morning. Even the hotel coffee tasted good. 😐

I actually set my alarm for it. I'm travelling for work so sometimes you have to create more hours in your day.
Call me crazy but Kim and I have HUGE dreams for our family.

HUGE dreams for our team and coaches.

Huge dreams for our life.

Would I rather have slept? 😴 Yup! But I believe success is more about sacrifice than skill.

Let me say that again: ️SUCCESS IS MORE ABOUT SACRIFICE THAN IT IS ABOUT SKILL. ️ "You have to be willing to do the things today that others won't do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won't have." -Les Brown

So this morning I got a solid 3 hours of focused uninterrupted work. Boom! ️ Answer emails
️Post in Challenge Groups
️Message challengers and coaches
️Prepare presentation for Crush It Team Call ️Check back office for Coach Rank Advancements! Wahoo!
️Create graphics for Rank Adv.
️Check back office cause it's PAYDAY in Beachbody-Land!
️Prep for upcoming Coach Sneak Peek.
️Even squeezed in a 22 minute work that I streamed through my phone.

Could I have slept? Yup.

Could I have gone for a swim and hot tub after workout? Yup.

Could I have laid in bed and watched sports highlights all morning? Yup.

But I didn't. I can't. I won't. Its just not worth it to me. It's wasted time. ⏱

If it's not growing me as a person, bettering my family's life, or helping our amazing customers and coaches, then what is the point?

Get up, set your intentions, and start doing, cause NOBODY is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true.

Have an amazing day!

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minda.haas This is going to be a FANTASTIC event, and it keeps getting better. Use promo code "royals" to take $5 off the purchase of your ticket. AND! Buying a ticket will also get you a one-year membership to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum!
Follow @pitchtalks for more updates, and I hope to see you (yes, YOU!) on June 10th!

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_headliner Hat of the day! Montreal Expos Plain Logo by Sports Specialties 1d

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joshmcconnell Montreal baseball lives on in the form of an abandoned lighter on Jarvis. 2d

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