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ashtoncrawford99 Construction site dog...it's eyes are incredible. Husky and German shepherd mix is really cool.
#dog #husky #germanshepherd #mixedeyes
  •   mwellsss my dog is husky/German shepherd mix! 4d
  •   ashtoncrawford99 @mwellsss they're amazing. That's awesome! I want one. But we did just get a black lab puppy from a dog that our dog had from a husky. so CUTE 4d
  •   sophia_brough BEAUTIFUL 4d

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Anastasia Ashworth
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Bio loading... Name: Anastasia
Last Name: Ashworth
Nicknames: Ana, Annie, Anya
Age: Seventeen
Date of birth: 15 October 1997 (Libra)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single

Physical Appearance
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Pink
Skin tone: Fair
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Physical Bulid: Small, petite

More about Her:
Frands : (tagged)
Significant Other: whAt significant other?
Has Social Anxiety

Singing, cute stuff, listening to music, playing the guitar, reading, gaming, video games, pokemon, movies, quotes, writing song lyrics, youtube, current obsession: Joe Sugg (so cuteeeee), kisses, cuddles, hugs, late night walks, food. (Find out more in rp)

Rumors, being center of attention, rude people, too much vulgarity, people who lie, attention seekers, being ignored. (Find out more in rp)

Ana is very quiet and shy around new people, but once she's comfortable with you, she can be crazy XD She's also a very blur and oblivous to things. She can make animal sounds and is secretly a cat meow :3 She also gets hyper really quicky if any of her likes are mentioned. Or if something reminds her of them.

File crashed. Error ANA: Please Leave my bio

Closing file....
Dm to rp

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