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levy.of.the.garden Sorry I've been gone for a bit. I've been working on getting things packed up because I'm moving.

So a quick update on mah face ~

It's been a week and a half and its almost back to normal :) @zaturn_junkz I have started your Erza pic!
And @kimchidrawings I will finish up your feature this week
#misslevy #fairytail #update #life

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Normal ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lucky Sin
Traveling Heart 🚂
Photo: @thephotographer
Model: @itsmelevytran
Accessories: @jessicafang
Makeup+Hair: @makeupbylucky

#photoshoot #levytran

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shareffia Ours Last Days At High School With One Of Our Fav Teachers... #Sham #Satchell #Ackena #Cavel #Sher #Jay #MissLevy....

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levy.of.the.garden Hey guys!

I'm gonna try to spend some more time on this account again. For those who had the drawing requests a few weeks back, don't worry, I'm still working on them ^ω^

Also, I'm gonna try to start planning my 1k art contest

#misslevy #fairytail

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thechristinenorris Haha! Just found this pic that never made it to you @brittany_levy ! You sure are pretty!
#misslevy #abbykate #prek #circa2013 #chapinelementary
  •   jubboyd Hahaha So cute 7mon
  •   brittany_levy Aw I love it!! This just made my day! Oh how I miss that sweet girl! 7mon

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Slumber Miss Levy
levy.of.the.garden Ok nap time, ask me some questions ok?

I'll be on this account for the rest of the day ^_^

#misslevy #followers #fairytail
  •   lizvdk_ You like yaoi/yuri? 8mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @lizvdk_drawings eh, I'm pretty neutral on it. I have same sex ships but I don't read specifically "yaoi" or "yuri" manga or whatnot 8mon
  •   lizvdk_ Ah yeah I can relate ;) 8mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @peachtaku haha well this is old and doesn't really apply anymore buuuut, 32D and no, that's gross! Noses are staph central, ick 6mon

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levy.of.the.garden Hey guys, quick update for you.

I've been gone for a while partially because I just went through with breaking up with my boyfriend. I feel super terrible but it was something that needed to happen.

I still love him and I can never forget the memories he brought to me, especially because he introduced me to Fairy Tail and thus, all you guys.

I'm gonna try to post a few more pics soon.

#fairytail #misslevy #personal #update
  •   the.anime.utopia OHHH! WHOAWHOAAA !! I AM SOOOOO VERH SORRY LEVY-CHAN !!! ... 8mon
  •   the.anime.utopia forgive me for my rudeiness [ u know what ] .. I know this feels , I only never had a boyfriend , but he got now a gf and she tells him to keel distance from me ... Its so heartbreaking - Lol ! We share the same story tho , he was the one that lead me to Fairytail and so . o sorry for my ignorance at ME NASA I !!!! ?? 8mon
  •   the.anime.utopia ARGH ! *trying to write a text * ... sorry for my rudiness , I am now kinda annoyed by IG , its deleting my comment by itself idk , so - Please forgive me Gomenasai , I know how you feel tho - the gf of my best friend is trying to pull him away from me - and he stays away tho ... Its heartbreaking ain't it. . Aiii I know how you feel ... Forgive me for the rudiness again , Gomene Levy-chan 8mon
  •   ladynekohime It's always tough making big life changes like that, especially when they involve other peoples' feelings. Just rest assured that it will all settle out for the best, and you both will find happiness again. 8mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @the.anime.guild it's alright, it happens. No biggie :). I'm sorry about your friend. It really doesn't seem right to me that a persons SO doesn't let them be friends with someone. People each have their own lives and its disrespectful of that to do that. But that's something you learn as you grow up and enter mature relationships. 8mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @ladynekohime it is really hard. I'm the one who broke up with him but it still hurts, he's so heartbroken. But I know with time we will both be ok. 8mon
  •   the.anime.utopia Aye ! Well be okay - after all we are Fairytail !!! 8mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @peachtaku I grew apart from him the last few months of our relationship. It happens, sad but true. 6mon

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levy.of.the.garden Hey guys, I realize I haven't gotten stuff together for my 1k contest.

It's probably gonna be another art contest haha. But I'm trying to think of something different for it. So any suggestions would be appreciated :) I'll try to have something up soon, but I can't be sure when.

#misslevy #contest #fairytail

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levy.of.the.garden Yep, I've kissed several people

#haveyouever #misslevy

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levy.of.the.garden Snagged from guildmate @ft_nalu_fans
Leave me some comments and I'll answer tomorrow ^_^

Goodnight all, its past my bedtime lol

#fairytail #ask #me #personal #haveyouever #misslevy

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levy.of.the.garden My art and personal accounts, if you wanna follow


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levy.of.the.garden This is more so addressed to the members of the guild I lead, but does pertain to my account itself.

A few days ago I talked to @nakama_gajeel about stepping down from being guild master. I really don't know what to do tbh. I don't wanna leave the guild. But I kinda just wanna do my own thing again.

I feel like I'm not really an ideal master. I'm not very sociable, I just cant seem to relate to a lot of the people here and in the guild. I don't know if its because of the age difference or my ideals, or what.

I'm not super active and honestly I'm just fed up with a lot of shit I see on Instagram, especially in the Fairy Tail fandom. You know how I feel about art and I don't plan to change that.

Originally I started this account to share sourced fan art and that's what I intend to do. I wanna lead by a positive example but I don't wanna take any shit from anyone either. I'm not gonna try to tell anyone what to do with their account (unless its my art they're 'taking'). If I know the source of the art I'm gonna say something. If you're throwing your watermark over something that's not yours, I'm gonna point it out. But I'm not gonna start shit or fight about it because its worthless.
I plan to change my name also.

Nakama Guild members, if you're OK with this and want me to stay the guild master, then I will. But if you're not, please say something and I'll hand the reigns to @nakama_gajeel.

#fairytail #nakamaguild #misslevy #fairytailfandom
  •   slayanime We're okay with it Levy, it's your choice, you can do whatever you want, we understand 10mon
  •   metagrosss It's fine we understand we won't stop you 10mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden Thanks guys for your support :) as I said I don't wanna leave or anything. If you guys are cool with it then I'll stay master. @yay.fairytail @layla.nakama @nakama_natsudragneel @nakama.natsu @nakama_mirajane @nakama_lucy 10mon
  •   nakama_natsu_lucky_gray Yay!!! @levy.of.the.garden is staying! 10mon
  •   ladynekohime I am not a part of your guild but I have seen your frustration with this over the past few weeks--often times the right thing is the hard thing. So just because some people are embarrassed or mad about you calling them out doesn't mean it wasn't right to stand up for the unacknowledged artists. That said it is definitely a lot of crap to take, being in that position, so I can fully understand why you wouldn't want to anymore. Just saying I'm here in supporting you! 10mon
  •   levy.of.the.garden @ladynekohime thank you dear ~ this post was geared more toward the guild situation than my account itself but the frustration bubbles over. I kinda lost sight of what I was doing here - sharing sourced art whether or not most people noticed or not. I wantednto go back to that. There's always gonna be the people who don't give a crap but there are the ones who greatly appreciate it too. I know i cant fix it but if I changed some peoples minds then that's a win. 10mon
  •   ladynekohime Definitely! Just because we can't finish something doesn't mean our accomplishments along the way aren't worth it. 10mon

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levy.of.the.garden I'll still be on just not very much. In light of recent events I'm just feeling shitty.
I really don't want to delete this account. I really do enjoy Instagram and the people on it. But sometimes I just need a break.

Also, I apologize if I've been very pushy about crediting artists. While I feel it is necessary, I won't be telling anyone how to run their accounts. I'll still tell you the artist if I know them, but its not my place to try to get you to do something. I never intended to be rude to anyone.

Nakama Guild members, I'll still be on for the icon contest, no worries!

#break #misslevy

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levy.of.the.garden Back to blonde!

JK, just lightened it in preparation to dye it tomorrow ~

Oh man I got a 2DS today! Now I don't have to use Andrew's!

#personal #misslevy #2DS

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levy.of.the.garden Got a new lamp and a frame for my diploma :3
#workspace #misslevy

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