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alobaidli_aziz .
بالصدفة مريت اليوم على مبنى ميشلين اللي تم افتتاحه في 1911 كمبنى الشركة الريئسي في المملكة المتحدة واليوم يشكل المبنى أحد المطاعم المشهورة.

The #MichelinHouse in London ..the company first permanent UK headquarter and tyre depot.
The building opened for business in 1911. Today it hosts the Bibendum Resturant.

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chapeaulondon Now Is The Time To Drink
Michelin House in SW3 is Chelsea’s Grade II-listed garage and Michelin’s original UK headquarters. The depot was designed as a giant advertisement to the new world of motoring featuring an elegant pit stop with sloping floors so tyres could be easily changed. Michelin House was designed by architect Francois Espinasse and first opened its doors in 1911. The building itself is an unorthodox hotchpotch of styles. At the entrance a mosaic floor depicts the company’s mascot, Monsieur Bibendum, raising of glass of nuts and bolts, there’s a pair of glass cupolas resembling stacked tyres, huge stained-glass windows and hand-painted tiles with illustrations of famous racing cars sporting Michelin tyres – well you know how Chapeau feel about over-accessorising – it can NEVER happen. The mosaic of Monsieur Bibendum is accompanied by the phrase ‘Nunc est bibendum’ or ‘now is the time to drink’, it’s like they KNOW us or something. By the thirties Michelin had relocated to Stoke-on-Trent, most of this landmark building was leased out until it was sold in 1985. These days the building belongs to Sir Terence Conran and publisher Paul Hamlin. Michelin House is now home to a publishing office, restaurant and flagship store for Conran Shop.

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