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  •   brownbear_thebeard I forgot to add become the laughing stock of the nation 3y
  •   fameonerr And then repeat =D 3y
  •   poetic_j How about there was another "zombie" attack today?? Look it up this dude ate his roommates heart and brain. 3y
  •   brownbear_thebeard @poetic_j and @fameonerr it's getting to the point where I don't want to look anyone in the eyes or even leave my house. And that's why I stick to pot, I mean I get some crazy cravings, but never human flesh. 3y
  •   poetic_j Lmao forreal man I think i'll lock myself in my room now. 3y
  •   fameonerr Haha you should see the stuff I got now..wow 3y
  •   preskoldropout Honey, he was under a voodoo curse. He was a good man - he would NEVER eat someone's face off! 3y
  •   _gib_ @rmatthewsphotography face eating is a must! 3y

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